Challenged Why Free Enterprise Is Better than Socialistrm

A central European reader and Socialist says it should be easy to explain why free enterprise is superior to Socialism. Sure thing.

Let’s start with a single goal, getting rich, under the two economic systems.

In the free enterprise economy, a person’s skill set can be the keys to Fort Knows, our gold reserve repository. So when a young person starts thinking about a they look around at the job market and decide what skills will be in demand. They acquire the basic skills along with some more advanced skills, and sell those skills for everything the market will bear.

As soon as they are getting an income froim their skill set, they look at the job market again, and acquire the skill set to take a step or two up economic ladder. Repeat the process until you have reached the economic level you aspoire to, whether that be street sweeper, president of a top 10 Corporation, or President of the United States.

That process is simple, easy, profitab le, and requirtes only a modicum of smarts, little effort, and perhaps a little luck.

Compare that to Socialism. where the people have at least given up their freedom if not their possessions to the all powerful State. For the most part a person wishing an economic status above basic has only one option. The Party.

The ambitious have no opportunity to select a skill set, the State will do that for them. The young graduate has no job options, the State will provide a job. Advancement depends on the ambitious one’s status with the Party, not on what they can do, or how well they can do it. And if the work youi are given makes yoiu sick, the State will send a truck to take you to your job. And if you miss much, that truck will take you to a labor camp where you will learn to do the job the State has picked out for you.

So now, yoiu tell me. Which is a better society to live in, one where everything you do is controlled by the State, or one in which you determine whtt skill set you acquire, and how far you can go up the economic ladder.


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