CBS HIT JOB On Gun Owners

If you ask former Forrest County Mississippi Sheriff who commits crime, you would be likely to get a one wlrd and very emphatic answer. “Criminals. And there 82 currently serving sheriffs in Mississippi who will tell you the same thing.

With the exception of juveniles facing the criminal justice system for the first time, criminals commit crime. As the crimes get more serious,the probable number of prior convictions rise. That set of facts, easily demonstrable from almost any prison survey.

The fact is that America’s gun owners have a crime rate more than 1000 times lower than the ten million who have been convicted of one or more crimes. Most of the offenses we commit are accidental, with no criminal intent – such as making the wrong turn on the freeway and getting stopped in New Jersey.

Despite the fact that gun owners, and in particular those with cconcealed weapons permits are far the most law abiding American demographic,CBS 20/20 has done a hit job on American gun owners, apparently with one of Bloomberg’s propagandists as as the lead script writer.

And fact checking? None, as usual with CBS gun ban agitprop since December 1963. For example, CBS describs Arizona as a “Rural State.” The reality is that Arizona is primarily urban, with 44.5 million of its 7 million population in the Phoenix metro area.

Or the clame that Mississippi has the fourth highest gun death rate in the US, which is not only untrue, but failes ot recognize the number of criminals from the Chicago area flee the Sucker State for the quiet greenery of the Magnolia State. Where Mississippi’s three million residents and the pilgrms for high crime areas only 238 homicides, including “official intervention, just and 2397 robberies, with many of the murders resulting from gang rivalries in Chicago.

The item is the same sort of garbage that used to brighten the bottom line at Police Gazette, without the scantily clad ladies. I have included the link, bu tit is not worth watching for it is assure to raise the blood pressure of the law abiding majority of Americans, But it is worth the time to take a note of the people who make this propaganda machine possible.

Make a list and studiously avoid their products. There are many alternative products that will do as well as the wares provided by gun ban supporters.

And if the old bus is getting tired of hauling the kids to school and Mom to the job – and you just have to have a particular brand, let someone else eat the $10,000 “rive it off the lot” depreciation.

Buy a lo milage, never bent, current model from a Enterprise or other car rental company. You cave money, and starve a public menace.


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