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2: The Relationship Between Gun Control and Mass Murder

This is the second, of a planned six, review of the effect gun ban campaigns have on mass shootings. Since the numbers of victims has of mass shootings has hisoroically been quite small, – until the gun ban lobbies came … Continue reading

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Report: Don’t Talk About Gun Bans “Taking Citizens Rights”

The hill reports Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has has said “Don’t roll Florida school shooting conversation into ‘taking away citizens’ right to own guns.’ This mornings news included video of students shouting “get the guns, get the guns,” … Continue reading

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Gun Ban Lobbies Pulling Out All The Stops

Fifty of fifty items of gun control news concern the Valentine’s day school shooting, and demands for revenge for that shooting. ABC reports there will be a “huge rally in Tallahassee next week,” which is probably one day this week. … Continue reading

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Bloomberg’s Banners Out to Ban Guns

Some semi-shaven sport, probably a talker for Bloomberg’s Every town propaganda mill because he is spouting their agitprop; says he has 400 protestors at the State Capitol demanding “common sense gun laws. The same gun laws whose results are are … Continue reading

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ANTI’s Say Efforts To Fix Mental Health System Harming Gun Ban Effort

the Hill reports a whining that the Republicans focus on repairing the mental health system the Democratic Anti-Gun Partei broke is harming the effort to ban guns. Since there is a conflict, let’s look at the numbers. Some 270,000 Americans … Continue reading

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School Shooting And Gun Control, The Relationship

School shootings have been much in the news lately with claims o 8 school shootings and 20 ded in the first 45 days. Th gun ban lobbies are going through money at a furious rate, trying to blame America’s most … Continue reading

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Should Nikolas Cruz Get The Death Penalty?

someone stopped by while I was working the aches out looking for “should the florida school shooter get the death penalty.” As a first let me point out that neither life nor death is a deterrent to murder, so whatever … Continue reading

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Swiss Gun Laws Are Not Liberal, Just a Bit Relaxed

The rabidlly anti=gun Democratic mouthpiece Atlantic pooouts out the Swiss have “Liberal” gun laws.” That is true, although constant pressure has weakened gun rights to the point that the overall crime rate for 2017 was approximately double the U.S.National average … Continue reading

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‘Why Are UFO Tapes Not Evidence?”

Oldfield asks why all the “ufo contact” videos and the “shiny dot halfway to Plluto” tapes are not cosiderd absolute proof of the visiting aliens. That is simple enough, exactly what are they proof of? I caan easily take some … Continue reading

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The Link Between Mass Murder And Gun Control

I have said, many times, without going into depth, that gun control is a major causative factor in mass murder. While we are spending time getting it right, here is the economist’s chart of mass murders in the US, starting … Continue reading

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