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Hilarious Climate Change Hoax Exposed

The Daily Caller reports a ‘peer reviewed pub publication’ printed a hoax study finding that climate change is caused by mens, ah, joyas de la corona. (Child safe sie, sri) As a hoax, that is a particularly comical one. As … Continue reading

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Colorado Guv Pardons Armed Robber – To Stop Deportation

Yahoo reports hysterically anti-governor, Hickey Hickenlooper, pardoned a convicted armed robber because the Cuban native faced deportation. There is really not much you can say about pardoning an armed robber just to keep him from being sent back to face … Continue reading

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“Columnist Says Trump To Be Impeached”

I did not catch the source, the page refreshed before I could get that far, but the headline sa said “Columnist says Trump Will Be Impeached.” Wo Mike Pence becomes President? The Fascisto-Socialists who think they should ru(i)n America will … Continue reading

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Graphs Are Silent, Yet Speak Loudest Of All

A chart, often called a graph, has no tongue. It must remain silent – yet to those who look, charts often speak far more loudly than a man with a public address system. Consider the cart immediately below, a fuzzy … Continue reading

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Found: 7 Million Duplicate Voter Registrations

The Washington Free Beacon re[prts more than seven million duplicate voter registrations have been found across State lines. The practice of registering in multiple States has been a common practice, dating back to the 1930’s at least. Koaks registers in … Continue reading

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But It Would Still Be One Of The Most Corrupt States On Erth

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson sasys that if it were not for the United States, Mexico would not have an organized crime and violence problem. But even without the United States, Mexico would have the colonial culture of corruption and … Continue reading

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Reporters, Waffle House has Better Pay and Benefits

Instapundit takes note of the fact that Waffle house pays cooks and wait staff more and has better “benefits” than most newspapers. Having been both cook and waiter at a Toddle House, getting my studies in between customers, I doubt … Continue reading

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“More Guns Does What?”

someone stopped by searching for “more guns does what? This chart was taken from the original Bureau of Justice STatistics massive crime survey, Criminal Victimization 2009: It is unfortunate this survey series began 20 years late for our purposes. If … Continue reading

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Reminder: Florida’s Alligator Permit Draw Is On

The Tampa Bay Tribune reminds readers that Florida’s alligator permit draw is taking place now. Predation is necessary to keep Florida’s alligators from eating themselves out of house and home, so permitted alligator hunting is necessary to keep numbers inside … Continue reading

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Sheriff David Clarke To Join Homeland Security

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is leaving the MSO to become an undersecretary in the Department of Homeland Security. Unfortunately, that leaves Sheriff Clarke’s position open, and that will likely be filled with a Milwaukee Machine ANTI. Here’s the Sheriff,explaining … Continue reading

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