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With One Ear on The Radio, As I post, Trump Got It Right

Posting has been a bit light this afternoon, because both because there was not much gun control news, and because this bit box decided to have an autocorret spell checker. Talk aout annoying. An autoplay pitch for some Dainty Doughnuts … Continue reading

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15 August Climate Report

Arctic Sea Ice Extent came in at 5,520,000 square kilometers, and the rate of melt has slowed again. We are almost one month ahead of the typical date for the shift between summer melt and winter freeze, so I expect … Continue reading

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Pertinent Comments From Alan Gottleib

The Second Amendment Foundation’s Alan Gottleib has some vert relevant comments at the Elko, Daily. Mr. Gottleib points out that gun ban propagandists are lobbying for a “violence tax” on guns. Something that will inexorably drive up overall crime and … Continue reading

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Hired Guns Are The News

U wee Bloomberg’s hired guns are doing everything they can to convince Virginia’s lawmakers that driving a car is the ame as openly crrying a gun,. That is an absurd proposition, given that the probability of an increase in four … Continue reading

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14 August Hurricane Report

ropical Storm Gert, which we have been tracking since i popped up in mid-atlantic almost two weeks ago, is picking up steam and headed for Europe. It would not take much of a northward turn to provide a rain event … Continue reading

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Bloomberg’s Banners Blame Guns For Chrlottesburg

The Daily Caller reports Bloomberg’s gun banners are blaming Virginia’s lax gun laws because a young man drove form Ohio to Dharlottesville to ram his car into a crowd. And no doubt Bloomberg’s propagandists will blame New York’s lax gun … Continue reading

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Alaska: The Cost Of Gun Control

While we have had regularly enforced gun laws since 1865, it was not until 1905 that those laws impacted an Americans right to purchase,own,or carry a gun. Most of the restrictive gun laws were “time and place laws, generally observed … Continue reading

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Charlottesville: Who Did What To Who And Why?

UPDATE Breotbart comes through, identifying yesterday’s conservatives as as “Antifa,” anti-Fasciss, who reportedly would not avoid a Donnybrook.[end] This time yesterday morning it was “A group of Conservatives protesting the removal of a Confederate monument have concuded the first day … Continue reading

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Ohio School Distrct To Allow Teachers To Carry

Cincinnati’s Fox 19 reports an Ohio school district will allow teachers to carry on campus. Very good. Allowing teachers to carry is the only economically viable way to protect students and teachers from those who would harm them. Of course,the … Continue reading

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Washington State Supreme Court Upholds Gun Tax

“The power to tax is the power to destroy,” an the Washington State Supreme Court has upheld Seattle’s right to destroy gun dealers in the City by taxing gun purchases. Since taxation is a form of gun control,and the r … Continue reading

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