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This mornings gun control news ws yesterday mornings Gun Control news

Three hours into today, five search engines and a dozen newspapers scanned for gun control news, nd everything of significance was reported on yesterday or Sunday. There are slight differences in the story; a Maine gun rights demonstration has changed … Continue reading

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Report: Chicago’s Plot To Sell Gun Bans On Wall Street Stalls

Bloomberg’s Business News, of of the media properties of billionair gun ban funder Michael Bloomberg, reports Chicago’s plot to peddle gun ban precursor legislation to Wall Street progressives, has stalled. Brieflly quoting the Bloomberg report linked above: Few places know … Continue reading

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What About The Christian View Of Gun Control?

“Waycross”” posted a link to what is purportedly the Christian view of gun control, and asked my opinion. A proper discussion of that subject must cover both the effects of such laws on people generally, as well as the precepts … Continue reading

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R. lee Ermey Passes Away

FOX News reports R. Lee Ermey, actro and former Marine Drill Instructor, has passed away at 74. The details are at the link, of course. Stranger

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Tucker Carlson Has A Grim Warning For America

FIX News Tucker Carlson has a grim warning for all Americans about the size and reach of banks and the future of America as a Constitutional Republic: Besides naming twoo banks prominent in the Obama regime’s “Operation Choke Point, Mr. … Continue reading

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The Cost Of Parole And Probation

Thos of us who “took civics” back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth probably recall the original purpose of penal servitude, including peneteniarys, parole, and probation. A penetentary was originally a “House of pentinence,” where someone who had transgressed to be … Continue reading

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More Predictions Of Doom

The ways of search engines continue to baffle, as searches for gun control bills turns up lists of tomato hybrids most suitable for pizza sauce, dangerous fish, and the exact date of the end of the world. I see several … Continue reading

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One Way The Gun Ban Industry Fiddles The Numbers

As the old saw has it, “Numbers don’t lie but liars can figure.” The gun control propagandists have many ways to foo the innocent, and the chart below has been one of the most popular ways, depending on nothing more … Continue reading

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Pediatricians To Lobby Congress For Ban

MSN reports that peddiatricians will lobby Congress for gun bans. In 1967 the estimated annual number of fatal gun accidents was 6,750, including 1,500 “children under 18.” Our community, the shooting community, began a series of gun safety programs, exemplified … Continue reading

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FLA: Gun Ban Governor Running For Senate

FOX reports Florida Governor Rick Scott, who recently signed a package of gun ban precursors into law, will run for the United States Senate. Scott’s record is a known thing, and the good people of Florida will likely have to … Continue reading

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