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Rep.Mo Brook (R-AL) Gets It Right – What About The Rest Of Us?

Huntsville, Alabama’s Mo Brooks, one of the elected representatives to come under fire when Rep Steve Scalese was shot, has the right idea: A victim able to fight back effectively is not much fun for someone like the person who … Continue reading

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“Common Sense” Mans Different Things To The Thoughtful and Thoughtless

Browsing the news I was struck by how many times “common sense” was used describe measures no informed person would support. My dad would be saddened, had he not died 65 years ago. Te item brought on this line of … Continue reading

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Louisiana, The Tragedy That Is Gun Control

Louisiana is a Sate that was rich in petroleum production, refining, chemicals, manufacturing, with a massive seafood industry, and waterfowl hunting second to none. But Louisiana has lost much of its industry to favored nation job exports, and to the … Continue reading

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A Civics Lesson Frm 1948 That Is More Relevant Today Than Ever

1948 was an interesting year. The conversion of American industry from making th etools of war was in full swing. Studebaker brought out the first post war design, to be followed half a year later with the “bullet nose” 1949 … Continue reading

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1 Girl With Gun Result In 1 Foiled Home Invasion

The Washington Times reports on the case of Kimberly Woods who, alerted t the possible hom invasion by her boyfriend, did quite a few things. Briefly quoting the Washinton Times report linked above, Ms. Woods: … called her dad to … Continue reading

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Noted: WSJ Reporter, Editorial Writer Dead At 34

The death of a 34 year old Wall Street Journal editorial writer and reporter is the latest in a series of violent deaths of individuals in a position to know too much. Briefly quoting the New York Daily News report … Continue reading

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Banners Extolling Washington State’s Modified Lautenberg Law

The anti-gun media is doing a lot of bragging about HB 1501, which requires a warning to a domestic abuse victim when their abuser attempts to buy a gun. Yeah,sure. except one of my psychologist friends tells me that in … Continue reading

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Massachusetts: Gun Control To Bolster Failed Gun Controls

In the “will they never learn” category, Breaking News reports Massachusetts is considering putting the screws on gun ownership stop suicide in the Bay State. The “Cost Of Gun Control” recently examined the results of Massachusetts gun laws in detail, … Continue reading

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Banners Claim They Want To Stop Suicides

WLWP relays word Bloomberg’s Banners want to stop gun sales in order to prevent suicide. Briefly quoting the Banners propaganda line from the WLWP report linked above: More than half of Massachusetts gun deaths in 2015 were suicides, and now, … Continue reading

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Michigan, Gun Control and Violent Crime

Michigan has a lot of gun laws, some dating back to the gun control outbreak of 1905 and ’06. As you might expect the Klan had more members tghan tghe GOP, and served as the Democrats “muscle,” many of those … Continue reading

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