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Tell That To The Gun Ban Lobby, Lady

I see another entertainer has chose to come down onthe gun ban lobby’s side, saying “No one is trying to take away guns.” The former head of the Brady Campaign, Nelson Shields was quite open in his desire to bam … Continue reading

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Actually, Gun Control Should Start With History

Consideration ony proposal should begin with the history if similar propositions, starting with “what did it cost and what were the results.” To fail to investige costs and benefits leaves the public on the hook for enormously expensive projects that … Continue reading

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Crime VS Guns

The chart below uses data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics National Crime Victimization Survey. The source data is in, as I recalll, the original 2009 Criminal Victimization survey; which was withdrawn by the Obama regime as soon as they … Continue reading

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More Pleas For “Common Ground” With Banenrs

UPDATE, 3 victims dead, shooter killed, two children woundedmore as I get it. The web search for gun control news turned up a dozen very similar opinion items pleading for “common ground on gun control. Tje gin “control” organizations have … Continue reading

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CDC AND BJS Unusually Late With Reports

The Center for Disease Control’s study of death certificates has not been updated for 2016, so I have no official accidental death numbers. The same applies to the Bureau of Justice Statistics Criminal Victimization for 2016 survey. I will report … Continue reading

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“Good Guys With Guns, Saving Lives”

The headline is a direct quote form FOX news and worth a few statistics. First, it is unclear just how many criminals are shot during an attempted “victimization” as crimes are called in some circles. Some DA’s are shy about … Continue reading

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Michigan: “Legislature Wants More Guns”

The overly busy layout makes it hard to read, but the Detroit Free Press quotes some pol, i think an anti, as saying “The Legislature wants more guns, Michiganders don’t.” Briefly quoting the FREEP report linked above: That the Legislature … Continue reading

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Noted: Judge Roy Moore Promises To Sue FNHQ

CNN reports Judge Roy Moore, the former Alabama Chief Justice of the Supremen Court who is now running for the Senate, has promised to sue the Washington Post over allegations of misconduct with a minor. Well, I would. Especially since … Continue reading

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“Gun Control Needs To Start On A Smaller Scale”

The Rotunda says gun control should start on a smaller scale. Well, consider a moment. In 2016 there were 17,250 murders reported to the FBI, up from 14,866 in 2012. Of those, approximately 10,700 were criminal on criminal murders, 2,950 … Continue reading

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Ugh: Earworm

Earlier today I was listening to some Catalan dance music and came across the Catalan version of Skip to my Lou.” For the folks that never had the pleasure of a “play party” wich was a square dance with only … Continue reading

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