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When Will New Crime Charts Be Posted?

In response to a query from a Buffalo, NY URL, The holdup has been the Bureau of Justice Statistics Criminal Victimization 2016 publication, and since it is out we can haul anchor and be on our way. The 2016 charts … Continue reading

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We Are Having A 2016 Data Drought

Several projects have been held up because neiehr the CDC’s WISQARS system nor the Bureau of Justice Statistics National Crime Survey 2016 have been released. Generally, the updated data is available before Halloween, but we are jsut 32 days from … Continue reading

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“Gun Numbers?”

someone came by searching for “gun numbers.” There are certainly an abundance of numbers, charts graphs, illustrations and related links at this site, but which numbers were wanted is unclear. I assue that the search has something to do with … Continue reading

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Answers, For A Day Of Questins

Rolling up several searches into one post: There are approximately 258 miillion Americans old enough to buy a gun. Of those, 259 million adult Americans are not disbarred from gun ownership under Federal law. There are an estimated 9 million … Continue reading

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“Good Guys With Guns, Saving Lives”

The headline is a direct quote form FOX news and worth a few statistics. First, it is unclear just how many criminals are shot during an attempted “victimization” as crimes are called in some circles. Some DA’s are shy about … Continue reading

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What Percentage Homes Have A Gun?

A DFW area URL ass what percentage of American homes have at least one gun. If Gallup had asked that question seventy years ago, he would probably have gotten a fairly accurate answer. Unfortunately, the fear engendered by almost 54 … Continue reading

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The Wonderful Success Of Australian Gun Bans

As I predicted when Martin Bryant became a mass murdered, Australia would ban guns and that ban would be a failure. Regular readers know that I have covred the official results of Astralian gun controls since 2008 here, pointing out … Continue reading

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Did Pediatricians Do something Useful??

It is no great secret that I have absolutely no respect for the American Association of Pediatricians. The community has brought down the number of children killed in firearms accidents from 1,200 a year, with 8,300 wounded (National Safety Council … Continue reading

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The Number Of Convictions Before The First Gun Crime

Someone stopped by searching for “# convictions b4 1st gun crime.” the Carter Administration’s Wright Rossi report polled 1,800 convicts in prison for gun related offenses, and found the mean was 2.88 criminal convictions before the criminal committed a gun … Continue reading

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Is Short-Reporting Crime numbers Common?

I have expanded a search for “is editing new jersey crime totals common” to essentially cover the world, with ” is Short Reporting Crime Numbers common. In a word, yes. In more words, many Law Enforcement Agencies are pretty much … Continue reading

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