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How Bad Is Venezuela’s Gun Free Socialism? This Bad!

The Socialist country B ernie Sanders and Hillary Rodham C. love to praise is in trouble. The Miami Herald reports armed Venezuelan soldiers have been seen begging for food. The Herald seems to b e the lone American daily to … Continue reading

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Speaking Of Propaganda: “Antifa” Is “National Socialism Now”

Well, I have to admit I am learning more about “antifa,” from the media, which I am told stand for “Anti Fascist.” Yet the group supports “National Socialism Now.” National Socialism IS the very face of Fascism, a ma,e chosen … Continue reading

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Challenged Why Free Enterprise Is Better than Socialistrm

A central European reader and Socialist says it should be easy to explain why free enterprise is superior to Socialism. Sure thing. Let’s start with a single goal, getting rich, under the two economic systems. In the free enterprise economy, … Continue reading

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