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The Guardian Discovers Rain forests Are CO2 Source

There is no big secret to the fact that China’s industrial strip is the third largest source of atmospheric cargon ddioxide. But that producer of carbon dioxide gas shrings to insignificance coompared to the co2 production from sources #1 and … Continue reading

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Weakening Magnetic Field, Increased Tectonic Activity, More Cold From “Grand Climate Minimum”

Today’s headline has 50,000 people evacuated ahead of a volcanic eruption on the fabled island of Bali. Back in 1989 one of the regulars at a climate board I contributed to gave a general prediction of the “upcoming Grand Climate … Continue reading

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Noted: NASA Telescope To Search For “Aliens”

Fox News reports the James Webb Space Telescope help hunt for signes of alien life inside our solar system. I say “our solar system” rather guardedly, since we seem to have no way of knowing what may have claimed the … Continue reading

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A Passing Comment About The Sun

Astronomer Sir William Hershal discovered the link between sunspots and the climate in 1808, noting that when the sunspots were active the climate was warm. Our sun has a 10.7 year sunspot cycle. So 22 so the sun should look … Continue reading

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Report Two Possibly Habitable Planets Found

The Independent reports two large but otherwise earth-like planets have been founding orbiting Tau Ceti. AT almost 12 light years distance, it would almost certainly take either effective immortality, suspended animation,or some means of Faster Than Light travel to make … Continue reading

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Gun Control, “Climate Change, Scientific Method

Hopefully, we all know about the claims made by advocates for many changes in public policy; who say “Science says manmade global warming will kill us all,” or “Science says banning guns will end crime,” or any of dozens of … Continue reading

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Cassini Goes Where Nothing From Earth Has Gone Before

NASA’s Cassini probe has been sending back pictures of Saturn and Saturn’s rings for so manyyears, it is almost old enough to vote. Now nearing the end of its service life, Cassini has been sent into the area between Saturn’s … Continue reading

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“Is The Sun Getting Weaker?” FOX Asks, and Answers

FOX News has a report on the current radiation output, the irradiance, of if our planets primary and almost only source of heat and light. I do not believe in spoilers, but for background my astrophysists friends tell me there … Continue reading

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Flying Over Pluto

The Daily Mail has has a treat for the curious, titled “Flying Over Pluto.” The Daily Mail does its usual excellent job of reporting onphotos of a planet that is so cold an exposed human would be a corpsecicle in … Continue reading

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Possible Evidence Of Life On Mars Found, NASA

Spacecplace reports possible evidence of life on mars has been found. I cannot get overly thrilled about finding some sort of life on one of our neighboring planets; but the possibility is interesting. Ever since it was first published in … Continue reading

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