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The Democrats “Creep List” is much longer than The GOP’s”

Waiting on a guy who is on the other side of a train, it occurred to me to run a search for “sexual misconduct charges leveled against” and add the name of prominent pols. GHW Bush, GW Bush, newt Gingrich … Continue reading

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Tomorrow Is Election Day In New Jersey and Virginia

Rabidly anti-gun Democrats are on the ballot for governor in both Virginia and New Jersey. Those states are among those worst hit by existing gun control laws, New Jersey even more os than Virginia. Besides the thousands of dollars every … Continue reading

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Venezuelans Eat Zoo Animals AS Immunization Proceeds

Multiple reports out of Venezuela as “Chavisimo,” Communism, tries to maintain the lifestyle of the ruling elite. The Daily Beast report, linked above, relates how starving and desperate Venezuelans are eating the zoo animals just to have some sort of … Continue reading

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Report: Jeff Flake (RAZZ) Says Retiring

Meddiaite Arizzona Senator Jeff Flake has announced he will not run for reelection. Flake has been harshly critical of President Donald J. Trump, and has been called a never Trumper. I suspect Senator Fla wishes he had made better choices, … Continue reading

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The “Czech Trump” To Lead

Of interest to the Alley’s European readers, the BBC reports a a man they describe as a populist Andrej Babis, will be the next Prim Minister. One has to be careful since European descriptions of the political right, left, and … Continue reading

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DNC Chair Says “Trump Most Dangerous Ever”

I see DNC chairman Tom Perez, a Democratic Socialists hardliner by actions, says President Donald J. Trump is the most dangerous President ever. That depends on where you stand, politically. If you want to become one of the ruling elite … Continue reading

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ANTI “Sets New Record For Corruption”

The New York Post, commenting on the trial of U.S. Senator Robert Menendez trial says Menendez set a neew low for corruption in the U.S. I have no real argument with the Post’s judgement, but I would have made it … Continue reading

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DACA Protestors “Hanging The Wrong Man”

I It is regrettable that we have courses to teach English to those who speak other languages, but no course in understanding spoken and written English. That is a lack that causes all sorts of unnecessary problems. For example… Some … Continue reading

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When I Grew Up You “Rode For The Brand”

Back when, I got pretty tired of the way the Webb outfit was always on my duster about the tent being a quarter inch out of line with the reest of the concessions, hitting me at midnight for their percentage, … Continue reading

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Nikki Haley For President? A Good Choice

PH Media’s Roger Simon suggests U.N. Ambassador and former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley for the first woman President. It is no secret I strongly favored Governor Haley, back in the dark ages when she ran for Governor the first … Continue reading

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