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NRA Criticizes FNHQ-DC’s “Deceptive Tactics”

Ho uhm, I see the National Rifle Association has criticized the disgraceful Washington Post for its “deceptive tactics” on children and guns. well, DC’s Fake News HQ certainly deserves criticism. Even the classifieds are doubtful and have been for years. … Continue reading

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Noted: No NFA Regs On A Suppressed Front Loader

Fox 14 reports the new ‘Maxim 50,’ which comes with an attached suppressor, will not be subject to the onerous Federal NFA rules, including the long wait for Federal Permission to Purchase. That is a step in the right direction, … Continue reading

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Well:: Comcast Admits Gun Sales Are Good, But!

Scanning the gun control news, I see Comcast’s fiction division, NBC, has actually and correctly admitted gun sales are at or above record levels. But since the report is on video which refuses to play on the number 2 computer, … Continue reading

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The Washington Post Continues A Tradition

Befire ut was Fake News HQ the Washington Post was Gun Ban HQ for the District. Under the Grahams, WaPo published an anti-gun editorial and an anti-gun cartoon daily for a year, before before tapering off to one a week.. … Continue reading

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Now The Drive For Safety Will Hinder Cops

It is getting easier to tell the sheep from the goats on the gun issues. Bloomberg’s bunch of ban propagandists refer to sound suppressors as “sliencers,” while the few media outlets who are neutral or pro-gun refer to suppressors by … Continue reading


The Gun Control Liars Are Out In Force

I see the website is telling one of the most blatant gun control lies of 2017, that universal reciprocity of Licenses to Carry would make new Jersey more dangerous. This in a State whos gun control laws have made … Continue reading

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Leftist Media Talking UP Antifa To Boost Gun Bans

I see the Politico, a far left mouthpiece, is holding up Antifa as a reason to ‘impose strict gun laws. For those who are not regular Alley readers: 1.) Anti fa has complained that George Soros, the Fascist funding the … Continue reading


Gun Control Lies Make A Headline

Regular Alley readers will be aware of my aversion for the fake or deliberately incomplete the ANTI’s use to try to make a case for gun control. Ro example, yesterday I noticed a new York Times attributed item saying gun … Continue reading

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I Wonder What The Media Is Hiding Now?

Looking over the “news” I see a disproportionate amount of print space taken up by President Donal J. Trump’s decision to give Congress six months to resolve the problem caused by Obama’s illegal fiat granting amnesty ot a class of … Continue reading

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Surprise: After 54 years, Newspaper Admits Criminals Commit Crimes

There is no great secret that the Des Moines REgister, both under Colwles and now Gannett ownership, has been bitterlly anti-gun since 1963; and was one of the first newspapers to sign on the entertainment industry’s gun control campaign. In … Continue reading

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