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WaPo Up To It’s Old Tricks

Update: Joe Mana dropped a correction which the top spot. (The victim) was standing at the cop cars driver door in PJs. The passenger cop shot her for no reason right across his partners lap.” Thanks, Joe, I appreciate all … Continue reading


66% Say The News Media Has A negative I Impact On Society

The reliable Washington Times reports two thirds of Americans polled believe the news media has a negative impact on society. That is so obviously “true” that I cannot find anythng to quibble about. Click on over and read the whole … Continue reading

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Salt Lake Tribune Suppresses Debate

Typically of 21st Century “media,” the the Salt Lake Tribune is mighty quick to post gun ban propaganda but banishes responses to “social media.” The linke above leads to a typical example. One John Bennett demands answers to his questions … Continue reading

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Apparently Trump, Putin Can Agree

Several sources, unfortunately all of which would pay to tell a lie, say Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Donald J. Trump agreed on a Syrian ceasefire and other matters. It is very difficult to trust those who would … Continue reading

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For Those Weary Of Propaganda, Not News

The Krakow Post has an interesting item on President Donald J. Trump’s visit to Poland, from the Polish viewpoint. Krakow, the “city of the Dragon,” is well south of Warsaw, and and was a Pomeranian city and a favorite locale … Continue reading

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Reluctant Praise From A WaPo Progressive

This looks like the Washington Post’s David Ignatius,giving very reluctant praise to President Donald J. Trump. President Trump is not the mooncalf the media likes to portray, a canny operator and a very pugnacious one. Something that in this perilous … Continue reading

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Why Did Washington Ban Guns?

A Reverend from a District of Columbia suburb asked when and why the District of Columbia essentially outlawed guns. The when is simple enough. Congrfess the Home Rule Act Christmas Eve of 1973, the law took effect in 1974, and … Continue reading

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Passing oneself as hero does not make yourself one

The Federalists Sean Davis truthfully reports the news medias scribblers and jabberers are highly exercised because the NRA dared to expose leftist violence. There is no argument there. The violent left is so angry you could probably warm your hands … Continue reading

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Conservative Media Gains Seats At WH Pressers

The Hill reports Conservative media such as Breitbart have gained seats at White House press conferences. If the reallocation were on the bais of Americans political choice, the new Social Progressive presence would be below ten percent. After all, a … Continue reading

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Fake News And Banners Brag, But A Warning

The Washington Post passes on propaganda from one of the gun ban groups, propbably Bloomberg’s,, with a claim the banners are winning their war on guns. That is more fake news from the District’s Fake News HQ, and on a … Continue reading

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