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“Why Were Switchblade Knives Banned?”

Someone stopped by searching for “reason switchblades banned.” The switchblade, so called because you pressed the switch and the spring loaded blade popped open were popular because they allowed one handed use, instead of requiring both hands to open. Originally,, … Continue reading

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New Texas Law Allows Swords, Spears In Public

Houston’s KHOU reports Texas allows Bowie knives, machetes, pangas, kris, and and eve swords and spears to be carried in public. The thought of tyring to sit down with for feet of Claymore dangling down your back is not conducive … Continue reading

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Report: Open Carry of Knives To Begin In Texas

Given the source’ horrible reputation, don’t stake your freedom on it, but CNN reports adult Texans will will soon be able to openly carry a knife with a blade longer than 5.5 inches. Briefly quoting the CNN report linked above: … Continue reading

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A push To Fix New York’s Knife Law

Regular Alley readers will recall p previous posts citing New York’s idiotic law against an undefined object, a “gravity knife.” Technically those are “shroud line knives” or “parachutist knives,” in German “Fallschirmjäger.” They were made in small quantities, issued to … Continue reading

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