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Salon Cannot Get History Straight

In another strong indication that “Progressives,” the most brutal wing of Socialism,”” has trouble with complex subje ts such as history, I see the Progressive webzine Salon claims the Untied States was founded on gun control. If you play fast … Continue reading

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76 Years Ago Today

76 years ago today, news came well after noon that the Japanese had attacked the United States in an attack on Pearl Harbor: After the public heard the news, with every church bell tolling the news of a tragedy, those … Continue reading

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Old News, Redux: JFK Files Reveal….

GOX news reports the release of a part of the remaining JFK files have brought Lyndon Johnson’s efforts to discredit Martin Luther King, Jr. Johnson was a Texas Congressman who won high praise for pushing electrification of his district, and … Continue reading

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JFK Papers Partially Released, A Surprise Or Two

FOX news reports a part of the unreleased report on the murder of President John F. Kennedy holds some surprises. Starting with FOX’ headline: JFK Files: ‘Big news’ coming, British reporter was told before shots fired Something that would, if … Continue reading

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Restored B-17 Flies Again To Honor Vets

FOX News reports a restored B-17 flew across country to honor veterans of WWII. “Die Igel,” the hedgehog as German pilots described them for their gun turrets overlapping fields of fire, was an amazing aircraft the more so in that … Continue reading

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“Better Crime On Campus Than Guns”

the scientific name of our species is Homo Sapiens, varoiusly interpreted as “Man Wise,” “Human smart, and in other ways, some fuew highly uncomplimentray. Supposedly, humans are supposed to use some extra brain cells many of us possess to make … Continue reading

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Chuckle: A Comment On Rioting Caught My Eye

A comment on rioting, “Rioting is an alt-left” thing caught my eye and brought a chuckle. Riots are called “protests” these days,and the purpose is obscured by the complicit media. Which is virtually all the media. Back in Justinians Constantinople,they … Continue reading

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The Story Behind The song

The Story of the Star Apangled Banenr is not as well known as it should be; I seems a good time for a refresher course: And do pass it on Stranger

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Congressional ANTI’s Say Get Rid Of Confederate Statues

I se by the Daily Mail that Congressional Democrats in Congress want to get rid of all Confederacy linked statues in Congress. It is Congress right to do that if they wish to do so, but the ANTI’s sould realize … Continue reading

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In Philadelphia, 241 Years Ago Today, A Document Was Signed

Proclaiming the Independence of thirteen of England’s North American Colonies. Tomorrow, July 4, is the 241st anniversary of the formal Declaration of Independence which eventually led to the formation of the United States of America. The most successful social and … Continue reading

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