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The Crime Problem? Primarily Gun Control

Someone came by while I had fallen asleep in this chair again ssearching for “why are our crime rates so high.” Coonsidering the United States very low rankings amng the world’s crime rates, it would make the situation clearer by … Continue reading

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Report: Japan’s Gun Laws Have Mob Using Toys

Asia Times reports reports Japanese gun laws are so restrictive that the Yaliza are turning to toy guns. the Yakuza are Japan’s most important organized crime group, and Japan’s 317 year old gun laws are truly draconian. Starting with a … Continue reading

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In 2016 374 Were Murdered With A Rifle

Typically, the FBI reports some 260 murders committed with rifles each year. Thanks to the incessant publicity tagging military patter rifles as murder weapons, 2016 was a terrible year for rifles, with 374 murders chalked up to rifles, 175 of … Continue reading

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Add ObamaControl To National Reciprocity??

Rep. Thomas Massie warns Republican leadership is planning on adding Obama style gun controls too the National CCW Recognition bill currently before the House. Briefly quoting the Breitbart report linked above, the Kentucky Republican warned: Massie explains that the Obama-style … Continue reading

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True, Gun Control Is Elitist, And Wrong

The Portsmouth Patch published an opinion item by Scott McPherson pointing out that gun control is elitist. Well, yes. Those who actually believe in gun control seem to share the idea that a society built on certain Socialist principals such … Continue reading

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Reduce mass Murders, Repeal Gun Control

Writing for the Democrat and Chronicle, Mr Craig Robillard points out that repealing most existing gun controls would cut the would drasstically reduce the incidence of mass murder. And of murder and interpersonal violence for that matter. Mr. Robillard’s suggestions … Continue reading

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What Are The Odds That The Next Gun Control Law Will Fail

Someone stopped by searching for “odds next gun contrl law will fail.” At a risk of sounding like Willie Clinton, that depens on the severity of the law and the rigor of enforcement, both unpredictable, as well as cultural, demographic, … Continue reading

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I Have “debunked every argument against gun control”

Writing at The Root, Michale herriot says he has put “Every Argument Against Commonsense Gun Control Broken Down to Its Idiotic Nonsense.” In reality, it is clear Mr. Herriot has a few facts short of short of being prepared to … Continue reading

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“Gun Violence Changed The Lives Of These People”

The Dallas Morning News says Gun Violence changed the Lives of These People.” the headline and general tone of the item makes me wonder if the DMN staff ever gave a thought to the Texas LAWW that enabled “gun violence.” … Continue reading

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The Before, During, and After Of Gun Control

Here is the United States Homicide rates, the number of murders and homicides per 100,000 population, from 1880 to 2016, showing the effects of gun control campaigns and laws on the homicide rate: the results of the labor troubles inspired … Continue reading

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