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Just Stick A Feather In My Hatband, and Call Me Lil’ Beaver – And Me -“Cause -I Am Gus Dusted”

Today Trump gave a series of hints that he now supports restrictive gun laws. The very same sort of laws that multiplied the United STates violent crime rates after the entertainment industry began a “ban mail order guns” campaign in … Continue reading

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Debunking Another Gun Banner’s Lie; Mass Shootins

I see by he bit box here that the United Sates leads wh wold in mass shootings. Which would e interesting if it were true. Fortunately, that is just another baseless lie cooked up by a gun ban propagandist. Of … Continue reading

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Democrats looking For Money From Rich Gun Grabbers

The Hollywood Reporter, in an item on Stephen Speilburg, reminds us that the Democratic Partei is looking for donations from billionaire gun ban advocates. There is no real surprise there, since the industry gave the go ahead to a gun … Continue reading

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Trump Can Shout “Evil Massacre” Forever, BUT

The Chicago Tribune reports Trump is citing ‘evil massacres” in his bid for gun control legislation. Trump can scream about evil massacres until the cows come home,, but he should not support expanding the insane laws and policies that led … Continue reading

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Trump Urges Ban On “Bump Stocks”

This is the third post today of Turmp eding toward full support for gun ban precursor legislation; this time with a ban on a piece of hardware of great value to timed fier event contestants that has apparently never been … Continue reading

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Gun Ban Lobbies Claim Support For Bans

I see ABC and Newsweak and other gun ban lobbies are claiming record support for gun bans and gun ban precursors. However, spot checks of ZIP Codes wink properly researched ownership support numbers showed little change in 100 telephone calls … Continue reading

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ANTI Mayor Pro Tem Of Dallas To NRA: “Go Away”

KTRK reports the mayor pro-tem of Dallas, Texas has told the NRA to find another spot for their convention, they don’t want us. I seriously doubt that a suitable replacement venue capable of hosting an event the size of the … Continue reading

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Russian Bot Nets Driving Gun Control Agitprop

Multiple reports, including his NewsMax iem inform us that Russian “Bot” nets are pushing gun control in Florida and other battleground States such as Washington and Neada. the technique is so simple it is sophisticated. Take pr=gun talking oints, word … Continue reading

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Kasich makes It Official, He IS an ANTII

Hot Air reportshiioo gov and presidental wanna-be John Kasich has removed the pro-gun boooilerplate from his election website, making it official. He is an anti-gun candidate, in fact as well as reputation. But Kasic forgetss Hubert Humphry’s maxim tha “gun … Continue reading

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Gun Rights Battle In Minnesota

theMinneapolis Star Tribune reports a gun rights battle is in progress in the Minnesota Legislature. Briefly quoting the ST report linked above: When Minnesota lawmakers enter the House and Senate chambers Tuesday to start the legislative session, gun-control activists plan … Continue reading

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