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Claim: “Child Gun Safety” Divides Washington Lawmakers, gun owners

Wasning State’s saus tje cjo;d gim safetu ;egos;atopm tjat have been dying in committee are “child gun safety” legislation that is “divided lawmakers and gun owners” is in some way “child gun safety legislation. Someone give those people “wild rags” … Continue reading

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FNHQNYCC Suggests Ruger Would Be Pro-Ban

Breitbart reports FNHQ-BTCC claims gun manufacturing ginat Sturm Ruger would support gun ban precursor bills. Briefly quoting the Breitbart report linked above: The New York Times ran a column on February 9, 2018, suggesting Ruger Firearms would be pro-gun control … Continue reading

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New York City VS Whistle blowers7 and CompStat

Earlier today I mentioned editing crime statistics. That is quite possible, and shockingly common in the United States. Here is a brief review New York City introduced the use of computers to reduce the “police reported crime rates. Starting with … Continue reading

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President Trump Starred At Davos

The all-knowing media decreed that President Donald J. Trump would fall flat on his face at the economic summit at Davos. Instead, President Trump seems to have been the star of the show, getting a remarkable reception from the European … Continue reading

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The Hartford Courant Says “Gun Laws Work”

The Hartford Courant,whose editors are on record as favoring the release of 17,000 criminals packed into Connecticut’s prisons and packing 240,000 of the Nutmeg Stes least violent demographic, gun owners, into the same space says gun controls work. Oh, really? … Continue reading

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Well, this fits the Democrats profile

II have already mentioned the ANTI-Gun party’s habit of paying for likes, and I was not the first. Apparently Alex Jones InfoWars has gotten the message becuase of this: Since Democrats like Dastardllly Dicky Durban, Slick Schumer, SanFran Nan Pelosi, … Continue reading


Very Broad Parody With A Point

This is very broad parody of the sort a court jester might have told Charles the great or henry FVIII. But the parody video has a valid message for the court fools of the media, to whom a 50 percent … Continue reading

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Anti-Gun Rag Says Accidental gun Deaths Up

The anti-gun St Louis Post Dispatch, which has swallowed camels and raised cain at Gnats and trivialities in its attempts to smear the most law American Demographic now claims that gun sales have risen due to increased gun sales. tp … Continue reading

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The Five Most Absurd Gun Control Stories Of 2017

Emily Miller, a friend of ours who used to be with the Washington Times bu is either with or writes for the Daily Signal, has a list of the five most absurd gun related media reports of 2017. The list … Continue reading


Does Yitzhak Asner Have Special Knowledge Of History?

Over the weekend 88 year old Yitzhak “Ed: Asner wrote an opinion item for the Progressive website Salon , asserting the United States was founded to promote gun control promote gun control, instead of freedome and gun rights. As history, … Continue reading

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