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The Theory Is Bully – When It Works

I see the Democrats have revived the “armor piercing bullet” fiction from the early 1990’s, when Handgun Control’ got th bright idea of declaring all common sporting ammunition “armor piercing.” To start at the beginning… First there was the military … Continue reading

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OT: Mississippi’s “Affordable Care Act” Premiums Up 46% Next Year

Yes, you read that right, Mississippi is the poorest State in the United States but Obama’s “If you like your policy keep your policy” part of the Democrat’s plan for perpetual power and Socialism, the Cloward Piven Strategy will rise … Continue reading

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Remember When Gun Control Advocates Blew $25 Million Trying To Elect A Gun Banner to the House?

s that election too far back for you? It should not be, it was only a couple of months ago. It was the Georgia hose race, where the usual donors put up an extrea $25 million to elect some cat … Continue reading

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Obama To Host Event For Anti Activist

Phil Murphy is Democrat, a gun banner, who has twenty gun owner harassment bills ready to sign if he is elected New Jersey Governor. Barack Hussein Obama is a former President, a gun banner who imposed hundreds of anti-gun measures … Continue reading

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Record Drug Bust In the Rotten Apple

New York City’s WPIX reports the seizure of a record amount of fentanyl in Queens, enough of the drug to kill 32 million people. There are certain eternal truths in business, as in life. A few weeks ago a major … Continue reading

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Democrats Logic

Here is Senator Diceky Durbin (ANTI-IL) exposing his great wisdom on the critical subjects of the day, such as the lead storm that makes life in Chicago downright hazardous to one’s health. Biwm back in the 1950’s, when Chicago had … Continue reading

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Another Vote That Confirms A Suspicion

Despite strenuous opposition from House Democrats, the House has voted to to deport members of the extremely violent Central American Street gang MS-13. That opposition tends to confirm the suspicion that Congressional Democrats are in league with criminal organizations and … Continue reading

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Another Democrat Calls For Ending The Electoral College

Steve Bartin’s NewsAlert alerts us to Hillary Rodham C.’s call for an end to the electoral college. The electoral college was an innovation to protect small states from new what was by far the most populous State, New York. Eliminating … Continue reading

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Tax Reform Group Targets ANTI Rep

FOX News reports a tax-reform group is targeting selected Representatives, including Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, whose call for gun control sent shock waves through our community. Very good. The borrow, print, tax and blow” spending policies of the past can … Continue reading

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Hillary Rodham: “I Am Done With Being A Candi ate

The Hill reports the titular head of the ANTI-GUN Party says she is tired of being a candidate. Typically, a pol who can finance an election campaign is there to file when the doors open, so we will have to … Continue reading

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