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Which Came First -Chicken Or Egg?

I see Pennsylvania’s Democrats blame redistricting, more properly called “Gerrymandering,” for their loss of power and influence. Of course, changing district lines to crate a Democratic majority has been a feature of ANTI Party controlled legislatures since 1781, so the … Continue reading

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Chicago, The City Democrats Built

If you are a regular Alley reader you have probably noticed videos of Chicago residetns, who do NOT LIKE LIVINGF LIKE THAT. Most Chicago residents want out, but lack either a destination or the resources to get out. But if … Continue reading

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If You Live In New York Pass This ON

I have mentioned it and then forgot about it. If you live in New York State, legally own a gun, and if you have not re-registered yourself as and your guns>/aa> you are now a felon. You have lots of … Continue reading


Endangering Mississippians

A Mississippi Legislator evidently needs to be brought up to speed onon the tragic results of the ‘Gun Free Zone Acts of 1990 and 1995 as well as the results of gun ban rules or legislation in areas off campuses. … Continue reading

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It is a completely Insane World

Apparently the tragic death of a Border Patrolman is the only mystery left that can escape an inquiring mind. But one item that is no mystery at all seems to escape those who would benefit. There is no secret to … Continue reading

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Buying Elections; All It Takes Is Money

The reports on George Soros contribution of $18,000,000,000 to his ‘Open Society” organization to be used to finance campaigns by European pols friendly to Soros goals of a total gun ban, completelly open borders, and Fascist political and economic goals. … Continue reading

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Well, That Is No Mystery

Kendall dropped a comment asking why the Democrats have gotten so unwilling to negotiate and why they are so active on pushing gun bans. Taht is simple, In a word = Money. The primary gun control funder is former New … Continue reading

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NY Anti’s Unveil 9 Gun “Control” Bills

The New York Daily News reports New York’s Democrats have unveiled a package of nine gun ban precursor bills with a ‘bump stock ban’ as a centerpiece. Briefly quoting the Daily News report linked above: The nine-bill package would ban … Continue reading

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The Anti Party Does Not Like What It Heard

The Partei of the left, on the right in the video: the party that is against full time emplooyment, against prosperity, against affordable health care, against private possession of firearms, and in fact against just about anything that differentiates Americans … Continue reading

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Illinois Lawmaker Harasses fundraisers

the PR News Wire reports an Illinois legislator has introduce a bill that would bar an extensive list of prizes, including firearms, that can be given as fundraiser prizes. Brieflly quoting the PR News Wiere report linked above: “A really … Continue reading

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