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Trump’s Promised Tax Poised To Pass

According to the jabbering heads at the various cable news outlets, President Donald J. Trump’s promised tax reform bill is set to be a big Christmas present for all of us. Very good. Combined with the news that Christmas “brick … Continue reading

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Report: Donor Cash Asked For Trump Accusers

There is so much stuff going on that it is hard to remember August, 2016, when the Hillary complicit media was alive with accusations that President Donald J. Trump had been accused of “improper conduct.” Now The Hill a ‘well … Continue reading

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Senate Women Call For Bozo To Resign

FOX News That six Democratic Senators, all women, have told Minnesota Senator Al Franken (ANTI-MN) that he should resign. given the gravity of the offensesFranken has ben photographed committing, resignation would make a fine start on in justice for manhandling … Continue reading


FORTUNE And The Lie Of The Day

Fortune magazine signed on to the gun ban brigade in early 19644 and in the almost 54 years since has told many whoppers in support of banning guns. None has been a greater lie that that below the video in … Continue reading

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Report: Democrats Lying Like Mats In Alabama

When my dad was a young man, Ornge County issued each voter a ballot to be taken to a nearby table, to be filled out and signed before it was returned to an election worker. As a result, a lot … Continue reading

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Is There A “Racial” component to Gun Ownership?

The bun ban lobby’s latest, and racist, theme, that palefaces are addicted to guns, has cropped up a second time in one day. this time in a less blatantly racist form in International Business Times. Over the years, I have … Continue reading

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ANTI Mag Makes Racist Attack On Gun owners

In a shameful display of bigotry, the far left rag Newswwweek has made a racist attack on a subgroup of our community, White gun owners. The insulting screed is ruded, crude, uncouth, and of course little more than gun ban … Continue reading

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21 Gun Controls By Democrats

Breitbart has compiled a list of 21 gun control bills that, together grease the skids banning guns. Of course, #1, ban bump stocks, which have apparently never been used to fire a shot at a human, head the list. While … Continue reading


Demo Running For Alabama Senator Admits He’s A Gun Banner

Breitbart reports Doug Jones, the Democrat running for the Seante to replace Attorney General Jeff Sessions has tacitly admitted he’s a gun ban advocate too. Jones, like the 47 Democrats in the senate and the nearly 200 in the House, … Continue reading

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More Accusations For ANTI Activist Franken

The scandalous tale of the “liberal” male continues, with a round half cozen Hollywood types accused of “inappropriate conduct:” something we used to describe in earthier terms. On the political side of the scandals, ANTI activist Al Franken has picked … Continue reading

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