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Live and Death In A Disarmed Country

Estimates out of Mexico City indicate the total of murdered and “disappeared and presumed dead” is edging closer to 50,000 a year, four times the American murder rate in a coutnry with 40 percent of the population. As this report … Continue reading


Percentage Of Crimes prevented By Guns?

someone stopped by searching for “pct crime prevent by gun.” The honest answer is simple enough. We do not know. It is very difficult to publish a research paper contrary to current “Progressive Opinion” so the two studies I know … Continue reading

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To Reduce Shootings, Look For Something Besides Gun Control

by Tyler Yzaguirre writing for the Washington Examiner, says; To reduce shootings, look for better ideas beyond gun control the problem with restrictive gun laws is that such laws are only obeyed by the law abiding majority, while the violent … Continue reading

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“Dreams Of Gun Control” Should End With The Numbers

Opednews has an item up titled Dreams of Gun Control Opinions are supposed to be based on knowledge, not on circular reasoning such as the familiar “Guns are only used in crime, therefore the only reason to buy a gun … Continue reading

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“How Does More Guns Make Less Crime?”

A mew trp;; [p[[ed i[ wotj 822 wprds essentially claiming guns cause violence, therefore the Alley is hurting civilization. Opinions are like navels, they come one to a customer, and some are quite attractive while others are as ugly as … Continue reading

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Two Gave Warnings In the News

“Chan Visas” are permissions to enter the United Saes granted to family members of immigrants who have presumably bee for admission. A good guy moves to the States, and brings his wife and kids along. And then her mother, her … Continue reading

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An All Too Common Report – After The Fact

A casual comment in one of the gun lobby’s set pieces hit the unpleasant memory button. For clarity, in my opinion there are only two reasons to breake the MYOB rule. It IS your business if you see someone poouring … Continue reading

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Why Did England Have Such Low Crime Rates?

Someone from someone with a St. Paul URL came by searching for”why england had low crime rates.” England ran a social experimient for approximately eight and a half centureies/ Of sp,epme were complected of any crime were guilty of disrespecting … Continue reading

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Why Do I Detest Large Parts Of The Media?

Am LA URL asks why I clearly dislike large parts of the media. That’s simple enough. Because when I came from the FCC enforced the “fairness doctrine,” and both print and broadcst media were required to report the events of … Continue reading


To Stop Violence, The Individual Must Be Empowered

A report on Pittsburgh’s KDKA shows communities stricken by criminal violence are willing to act – if they are empowered to take action. A number of individuals said the community must come togeeether and act against violence – and that … Continue reading

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