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Hell On Earth, A Gun Control Paradise

For more than twenty years, gun possession was illegal in this city. It took a Supreme Court decision to overturn that law, but little has changed. Between the Chicago City Council, the Chicago Police Department, and the the Cook county … Continue reading

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Shots At Thief Have Unusual Result

WKRN reports reports on a possibly wounded car thief who drove the family’s car through a garage door to get away. The story is at the link, and the new server seems to be working well so the Alley should … Continue reading

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Michigan: “Legislature Wants More Guns”

The overly busy layout makes it hard to read, but the Detroit Free Press quotes some pol, i think an anti, as saying “The Legislature wants more guns, Michiganders don’t.” Briefly quoting the FREEP report linked above: That the Legislature … Continue reading

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Not News, But Not Stressed Enough

A friend in law enforcement points out those have a criminal record are far more likely to use a gun to settle domestic disputes than those with a clean record. My source for statewide numbers retired in 2007, after too … Continue reading

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Election Day Today, Remember To Vote

For New Jersey and Virginia readeers, this is a very good morning to consider what gun control has cost YOU, yes, cost you, in money to pay for the enormous cost of gun control and for your loss of PERSONAL … Continue reading

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Chicago: “Cook County Jail Is Out Of Control”

The American Thinker’s Thomas Lifson reports Chicago’s Cook county Jail is out of control. Thee is no real surprise there. The Chicago gangs have grown in strength and influence to the point they actually control the city, through city officials … Continue reading

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“What Does Compstat Do”

someone stopped by searching for “compstat does what.” First, CompStat is a computer program that manipulates data. The data is the history of crime over an area and predicts where the next outbreak of crime will occure. so of course … Continue reading

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Huffpo Claim: Gun Control Reduces

“Contributing: to HuffPo one John Tires. political history professor, asks ‘asks’ if gun control laws make gun controls reduce gun homicide rates in States. States is a catchall, and can be anything from the Vatican to Russia, and a population … Continue reading

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“Why Did The Las Vegas Shooting Have To Happen?”

During the morning someone came by serchng for “why did Las Vegas shooting have to happen? That is not as tough a one as it might appear. Setting aside they hysterics and actually looking at any extensive list of mss … Continue reading

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The Most Common Causes Of Murder

Someone stopped by searching for “common causes of murder.” An exact 7.88 percent of murders are a result of arguments over the date of Christmas” is not possible since a surprising percentage of murders are never cleared. Assuming that the … Continue reading

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