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Sources Of Crime Guns? Retail Or Street

Wh,n it comes to the sources of crime guns there is a great deal we do not know. So first, study the graphic below, taken from an FBI Uniform Crime Report from 2010. In that year essentially 35 percent of … Continue reading

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The Mean Sentence For Armed Robber Is 60 Months

According to several sources, including the Bureau of Justice Statistics, in 2000 the mean penalty for armed robbery was 60 months, or five years. Five years in prison is enough to give a potential offender pause, but that is sentence … Continue reading

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AlterNet Supports Gun Confiscation

I see the “progressive,” meaning Fascisto-Socialist – propaganda site celebrates the passage of gun confiscation for those accused of ‘domestic violence.’ While I have nothing for actual “domestic abusers” other than a couple of years spent loading railroad cars with … Continue reading

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Quebec Gets Long Gun Registry, Crime to soar

the the Castanet reports the Canadian province of Quebed has instituted a long gun registry. Long guns are seldom used in crime, so there is no legitimmate reason to register rifles and shotguns other than to obtain their owners names. … Continue reading

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The EVP Speaks Truth To Hypocrites

Wayne LaPieerre had a little history, straight out of the books, for the gun ban lobbyists, their funders, and particular the Hollywood hypocrites.” Take a listen: The sad part is the lack of emphasis on the bloody history of … Continue reading

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Where Armed Robbery Is Legal

In December 2012, a Mr. Steven Davis, A Bennington math and science teacher with a Bushmaster AR-15 clone. Terrified by the intense gun ban propaganda being spread in the safest State in the Union, Mr. Davis neighbors called the police. … Continue reading

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Live and Death In A Disarmed Country

Estimates out of Mexico City indicate the total of murdered and “disappeared and presumed dead” is edging closer to 50,000 a year, four times the American murder rate in a coutnry with 40 percent of the population. As this report … Continue reading


Percentage Of Crimes prevented By Guns?

someone stopped by searching for “pct crime prevent by gun.” The honest answer is simple enough. We do not know. It is very difficult to publish a research paper contrary to current “Progressive Opinion” so the two studies I know … Continue reading

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To Reduce Shootings, Look For Something Besides Gun Control

by Tyler Yzaguirre writing for the Washington Examiner, says; To reduce shootings, look for better ideas beyond gun control the problem with restrictive gun laws is that such laws are only obeyed by the law abiding majority, while the violent … Continue reading

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“Dreams Of Gun Control” Should End With The Numbers

Opednews has an item up titled Dreams of Gun Control Opinions are supposed to be based on knowledge, not on circular reasoning such as the familiar “Guns are only used in crime, therefore the only reason to buy a gun … Continue reading

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