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Report: House Panel To Consider CCW Reciprocity y

The reports a House committee will consider a bill extending gun rights. Briefly quoting the Free Press report linked above: The Judiciary Committee is scheduled to vote Wednesday on a National Rifle Association-supported bill that would allow a gun owner … Continue reading

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999 Murders In Church In 25 Years

Religious Tolerance reports a total of 999 murders in church between 1974 and 1999, essentially 50 murders a year in church. Our own media search turns up 1,073, or 42 a year. And wwwwwe counted more than 1700 murders in … Continue reading

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Report: Some Pastors beginning To Carry

ABC reports that in the wake of the Texas Church Massacre some pastors are beginning to carry a gun. Briefly quoting the ABC item linked above: “Churches are more vulnerable than ever before,” Pastor Joe Worley of First Baptist Church … Continue reading

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Guns Should Never Be Allowed In Churches?

I have one contact post for “A Preacher” stating that guns or other weapons should never be allowed in a church. Oh? Well, A. Preacher, as I recall there were 13 people at the Last supper, Jesus, Simon called Peer, … Continue reading

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Should Training Be Required For Those Who Carry?

Someone stopped by searching for “why no training for gun permit holders.” Almost certainly because someone took a long look at mandatory “Eight hours of range time” requirements. Such rules are intended to discourage obtaining a License To Carry, and … Continue reading

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Noted: U. Of Missouri Picks CCW Fight

There is no secret that the University of Missouri is in self-made trouble. Given staff layoffs, closed dormitories, and other problems they have created for themselves, it appears Mizzou is taking the wrong side in the guns oon campus controversy. … Continue reading

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Constitutional Carry Bill Working In Wisconsin

A bill to make Wisconsin the 13th American Atate to allow concealed carry without a permit is advancing in the Wisconsin Legislature: Our experience with Constitutional Carry in almost one quarter of the 50 States has been a entirely as … Continue reading

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Dana Loesch: “Women Leading The Way On Concealed Crry”

Dana Loesch on Varney and Co. makes some very good points about carrying a defensive weapon: : In a more recent appearance, which does not seem to be posted to YouTube Mrs. Loesch made said women are leading the way … Continue reading

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“Gun Girl’s Five Rules For Concealed Carry”

Iytdiir Hub has an advice column for the ladies, “Gun Girl’s 5 Rules of Concealed Carry.” Click on over and check it out. The Alley will be here when you click back. My own advice is 1.) use a good … Continue reading

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The Percentage Of Americans Licensed To Carry?

Someone stopped by searchning for “pct licensed to carry.” Well,first, in 2015 there were a total of 321,419,000 Americans. Subtracting the 73,645,100 under 18’s leaves a total of 247743,900 Adults. The recent count showing there are 16.1 Million Americans who … Continue reading

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