The Houston Chronicle reports gunfire in Laredo, with a warning for citizens to either evacuate or hole up.

The usually reliable Borderland Beat reports the Zeta’s intend to seize the Texas city of Nuevo Laredo and use it for their American base of operations.

An overview of reports from the area are at the Diggers Realm blog.

And a quick call to my usual source confirms much of what is reported by Borderland Beat. As does some listening to XE (Mexican) radio and TV channels.

UPDATE – the Laredo Morning News says there is nothing to it!

Well, this is curious. The more so in that I am listening to what sounds like either the real thing – or a very realistic drill en Espanol from the Mexican side of the border. Let’s see – McAllen – The Monitor has no obvious mention.

OK, lets call that one a false alarm. But now the United States has been But now Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, directly across a relatively short bridge from Laredo, has actually been invaded by drug running Mexican Paramilitary’s with deep roots in Mexican government. And what’s Obama going to do about it – when he comes back from vacation?

That remains to be seen. Perhaps he will see the light and dispatch those 80,000 troops to the border. But somehow, I don’t think so. My own suspicion is the sunset man will formally cede large parts of the border to Mexico and the cartels. Unless enough of us call our CongressCritters and demand an appropriate response. And our newspapers and TV outlets.



Radio propagation is rapidly going away, and static from tropical storm Bonnie’s thunderstorms is becoming more intense. It makes difficult copy. From what I can hear, Nuevo Laredo, or some part of NL, is under cartel control. Whether there will be any serious effort by Mexican civil authorities to alter the situation is unclear. The Rio Grande is in flood, and the American side seems to have a minimal guard. More as I get it.

In the meantime, I have been up for 19 hours, and I intend to call it a night.


OK, morning and thunderstorms! Most of the Mexican newspapers in English that were easily accessed last night are mysteriously missing en accion. Por que? I dunno.

The Spanish language papers I have been able to access either report nothing or report serious violence in Nuevo Laredo, just before they disappear behind a paywall. No credible reports of Cartel activity in Texas at this time, but there are reports of serious Rio Grande flooding.

The Laredo Morning News says the Cartels have lost a chopper – but the story is behind a paywall.

MEA CULPA I’m guilty. I should have made my call to the Laredo PD – but their number is not on my speed dial. And I did not think of looking it up. I am also guilty of depending on one newspaper and a pair of bloggers for sources. I generally do better than that. My apologies – I was not trying to emulate Orson Welles.


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