Canada: Historic Homicide and Assault With Intent Rates

Someone stopped by while I was trying to get all my tests in befor ethe 13th; searching for “canada murder and Assault with intent rates 1960 to 2015.

The best I can do on short notice is the cart below, which shows the police reported murder rate of “assaulte with a deadly weapon with intent to kill or inflict great bdily harm” rate in red.

for a good understanding of what is being looked at, the entertainment inudstry’s gun ban campaign was a year late getting to Canada, with noticeable results beginning in mid summer 1952 instead of January of that year.

The rise in the homicide rte and the “aggravated assault” rates rise was similar to that of the U.S. but, with no great liberalization of the gun laws after 1992 the gun control driven rise in crime rates slight instead of pronounced.

from early indications, 2015 and 2016 began the rise that gun control campaigns inevitably begin in their sechod or third year. right on schedule.

I am expecting additional data form Canada befor ethe end of the month and I will return with more complete coverage of the subject of Canadian gun laws.

While I regret the necessity, I have been up since 1:00 AM; a matter of some 20 hours, and I have dozed off twice while working on this post, so I will pause here..


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