Can We Change The Way We Talk About Gun Control?

Fast Company asks uf we cab redesign the way wwe talk about gun control in America.

It would be nice to be able to sit down and discuss gun control rationally for once, and a rational discussion is what is needed. Unfortunately, political considerations have gotten to outweigh crime and violence issues, so rationality has fled the country. so at this time the pro and anti gun people are in much the same position as the Catholics and Protestants of Ulster. The bobs and murders may have slowed, but the hatred is still there.

Rationally, if gun control will make people safer we need some measure of gun control. so where are those successful examples we can use for guidance?

They do not exist but, aay the controllers, they will if we tryy it one more time. that is not rationality, that is insanity! And, as the ancient adage goes, you cannot argue with monomania.

We need less crime, less violence, and more civility. To get that, the successful gun laws that we can use for guidance are agree. Relax the gun laws. That has been successful everywhere it has been tried, and following successful examples is rationality.

Unfortunately, there is a problem. The monomaniacs, who will have nothing less than a gun ban. Their position is irrational, since every restrictive gun law has produced more crime instead of less, but it is their position.

The only rational course of action I see at this time is to use our majority status to enact and enforce anti-crime measures such as Constitutional Carry, drive down crime to what they were before gun control sent crime rates soaring, and maintain the position.


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