CA. Dealer Locations Can Be Restricted: CCourt

It seems the Second Amendment does is invalid in California coruts, sinc a court has ruled that counties can restrict the locations of firearms dealers.

while a gun dealer does not attract exactly the same clientele as Tiffanys or some other high end jeweler a Federally Licensed Firarms Dealer’s clientele is far less likely to commit a serious crime, with a lifetime risk factor of 2.7 percent for a high end jeweler, and 0.002 of Joee’s Shooting Supplies. Something that makes Joe’s a fare better neighbor than De Luxe Jewelry.

And that makes the ruling a slap in the face for every law abiding American. Hopefully, this idiotic ruling will be revered promptly.

And there are always the 21018 elections, which could shif enough seats into American hnds to allow Federal rpeemption of State and local gun laws.

and to take measures to reform California Territory.


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