Brookings: Half Of Prison Inmates Are Drug Offenders

It is hardly news, but it is nice to have an “offiical” source to refer to. Brookings Institute reports that half of the United STates prison population are drug offenders.

If that is the case, drug offenders account for the estimated $800 billion dollar a year cost of incarceration. But prison is not the only cost involved in rime fighting.

The Bureau of Justice Statistics, the source of the $800,00,000,000 cost of prisons the overall cost of $4,000,000,000,000, four trillion dollar, annual cost of law enforcement in the United States. So approximately speaking, drug offenders cost taxpayers, including you and I, two trillion a year.

Two trillion in an economy that generates only $16 trillion a year in Gross National Product.Two trillion when the Federal Government extorts only a little more than two trillion in taxes.

Taxes that are not taxes,but nails. Nails in the coffin of a free enterprise economy.

And the best way to treat the cancer that is eating our society>

Speedy trails and long prison sentences,with no parole or probation for all offenders, drug or otherwise would start the process.

And “aversion therapy” for offenders from victims, in the form of prompt and accurate return fire is the best known cure for criminal misbehavior.

So help your society become polite again.
Get a gun, learn to use it, carry it everywhere but the shower, and use it when you have to.


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