British Police Helping Drive Up Crime RAates

Of course, the Police in the U.K,England and Wales, would hotly deny that they are partially responsib le for the staggering increase in violent crime rates, but they are.

How do I come to that conclusion? That is simple.

Without exception every restrictive gun law in England has driven up murder and violent crime rates. Back in the early 1700’s an Englsihman’s right to keep and bear was restricted, and violent crime rates soared. In the late 1800’s when an excise tax stamp wsa required before you could buy a gun, was placed on gun sales, gun sales sagged – but violent crime edged up.In 1919, when a Socialist PM, David Lloyd claim that unemployed former soldiers would rob banks if guns were not controlled, murder and violent crime edged up. When handguns were given more restrictive controls, crime edged up, When shotguns were “controlled,” crime edged up. When rifles were “controlled, crim trended up. And when guns were essentially banned after the Dunblane mass murder, well, look at the chart, taken fro official reports of crimes reported to police:

For 2016, those horrible crime numbers are even higher,at 2015, 20 percent higher than in 2015 at a rate of 2900 per 100,000 only slightly be the United States overall crime rate.

And now The Conversation reports the British police are once again tightening the screws on law abiding gun owners, and making life safe for the criminal and the violent. Briefly quoting The Conversation article linked ab ove:

olice forces are cracking down on gun owners in the wake of heightened concerns over terrorism. Some lawyers are now claiming that the police are even revoking legal firearm owners’ licences and guns because of a new array of “indicators” which show a lack of suitability to own them. These include spent convictions, depression, domestic disputes and discord and even neighbour conflicts.

(British spelling)

It would be wise for Prime Minister May to fire those responsible for “a whole array of new laws,” hire some replacements with sufficient intelligence to tell a weskit from a stoat,and carefully explain to them that law abiding citizens do not commit crimes, criminals commit crimes. And to repeat this process until a competent lot are in charge of gun regulations.


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