Bridging The Gun Control Divide?

The Sun Sentinal has an opinion piece up titled “bridging the gun control divide.

Well, there is certainly a divide. On this side we have the “Progressive left” which has selected laws that have sent violent crime rates soaring to push. Those laws include a “background check” intended to crate a list of gun owners similar to the ones that led to the Holocaust: laws that disarm the law abiding without affecting the criminal; laws to discourage the law abiding from gun ownership, and so on.

And over here, we have the shooting community, the nation’s most law abiding demographic, who insist that restrictive gun laws should have a history of living up to the advertising and that those laws be enforced. Those laws include gun theft and gun trafficking penalties in line with the gravity of the crime; “return to owner” provisions that prevent recovered guns from going missing out of police property rooms, and relaxation of present laws that have failed to provide the advertised benefits.

The “progressives” will not support rational laws aimed at lowering crime rates, instead demanding laws that promote crime and lead to even worse laws.

The shooting community insists that any laws that are enacted be aimed at the career criminals who are the probem, and not 240 million law abiding adults who will almost certainly never knowingly commit a crime.

There is no common ground, and no room for compromise. If we are to remain a free people the gun banners must be defeated. If we are to further reuce our violent crime rates, the banners must be defeated. And there can be no question of that.


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