Bozo Is Not In A Retiring Mood

Former TV clown who currently serves as a Minnesota Senator, will not retire.

Franken, who seens as funny as a compound fracture to me, has been repeatedly accused of gross sexual assault, and pictures have been posted to back up the charges.

This is not a “Roy Moore” case, where accusations have been made with very little evidence to back those accusations up. Judge Moore has a great deal of support in Alabama, including women with whom he had business, professional, and personal relationships. Accusations unsupported by evidence aat best returns a Scots verdict, not proven.

On the other hand, there is photographic evidence to back up the accusations against Bozo, who stuck out his tongue several times too often.

Franken should remove his clownish figure from the public stage, or get the hook.

Moore’s case should remain open until proff is obtained or a few months have passed.


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