Bob Owens Has A Good Read Up – And 78% of the guns Obama has sold will be around in 2113!

Bob Owens has a good read at his today’s PJ Media column.

I have a couple of quibbles with his total number of guns in circulation numbers – I know how those numbers were derived because I have been down that road – but they are less than half the actual total of immediately serviceable guns plus those that can be restored to service with oil and elbow grease. They way they would be restored if we had a foreign invasion, or a sufficiently provocative fiat from Washington. While there is a wide margin of error, the total is between 660 million and 730 million, with the most likely number 705 million.

At least 1.56 million, 78 percent of the two million guns made in 1901 are still with us. We do not see them as often because their numbers were miniscule compared to today’s production, they have sunk into comparative rarity on the used market, and many are in hard to find calibers. So they are squirreled away in gun cabinets, gun safes, the backs of closets, patiently waiting someone to take them out, clean and lubricate them, and send a few more rounds of .256 Newton, .303 Ross, or .30 Government down range. It is unfortunate that .243’s, .270’s, ’06’s, and the “Magnums” have almost entirely taken the place of the grand cartridges of the past.

And I have an observation on why people are buying guns. Earlier this week a Treasury official suggested a minor rise in interest rates. Which would give those of us earning 7/10ths of a percent on our savings another tenth of a percent interest. We are making nothing now, and we would be making no more if the proposed increase goes through. After all, $8,000 on a million dollar certificate in a world where inflation cuts the purchasing power of that million by $110,000 a year is about as near to nothing as you can get.

Within a few hours of the announcement, my telephones stopped ringing. Despite the fact that my customers are the sort of small businesses that furnish 70 percent of America’s non-governmental jobs. My competitors started calling “to visit.” And to ask if my business had collapsed.

One of my customers stopped by to “visit.” His commented that his second daughter is an RN. She passed her state boards last June, and has yet to find a job. His third daughter graduates tonight, summa cum laude. She will become an RN in July. And her applications have been returned with “thank you for considering us but we are not hiring.”

A friend’s grandson is a EE. Who has been on the night shift at 7-11 for over a year. I could add many more to the list, but instead I will point out the simple fact that people are afraid for their future. Those who have a job are hanging on for all they are worth. Those who do not have a job are praying that they will be able to find a job. Any job, not just the field they went to school for.

And everyone is in the market for defensive weapons. Just as they have been in every economic crash in history. But this is the first one in which a major part of those seeking weapons have been able to obtain what they seek.


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