Bloomberg’s Hired Guns Support The Myth

I see Bloomberg’s hired guns are trying to discredit an expert witness testifying for deregulating sound suppressors.

Their point of attack is simple, the old Fascist tactic of attacking someone for telling the truth. Bloomberg’s banners want to deny that gun control laws played a major role in enabling the holocaust, with a loss of almost fifty million lives.

But the Holocaust is just one chapter of gun control enabled mass murders by government called Democide.

At last count, 20th Century Democides cost the lives of more than 252 MILLION murder victims, innocents murdered by their own government. It is sobering to consider that more than 400 million of the slightly less than one trillion humans who have ever existed on the planet were murder victims, and 26 million of those were murdered after gun confiscation.

Bloomberg’s hired guns wish to deny that, so they try to discredit a witness. But the witness is only telling the same story Holocaust survivors and those who endured German occupation during WWII told.

That the British disarmed all German civilians, that only NAZI Pertei members were allowed to own guns, and one of the Germans’ first actions was to either use existing gun registration lists or force registration of all guns, then confiscate all registered guns – and send many former gun owners to the labor camps.

That was survivors story DP’s seeking a new life told me in 1947, and it is survivors story today:

Gun control drives violent crime rates, including murder through the ceiling, and has enabled mass murder on a scale never before contemplated, much less attempted in the past.

And very rich people with a history of serving their own interests are funding the latest gun control campaigns.

Campaigns that Dame Rumor says have increased the U.S. murder total by almost 20 percent since 2013.


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