Bloomberg’s “Assault Weapons Ban” Working In Washington State

A report in the Edomonds, Washington, News reportgs Bloomberg’s high dollar gun ban agitators and propagandists are hard at work in Washington Stte.

The bill ANTI-Party legislators support, is HB 2354 which would ban so-called “assault weapons,” and standard capacity magazines for those sport utility rifles. This despite the fact this Sport Utility Rifle…

Is no more dangerous than this high end European pest control rifle chambered in the same caliber:

And the fact that each of the deadly deadly weapons in this illustration kill up to 32 times as many Americans as the Sport Utility Rifle shown at the top of the illustration:

Based on cold hard fact, the then head of Handgun Cointro, Inc, got it right when he said the 1993 “First Assault Weapons Ban” was n o more than “the camels nose in the tent for a complete gun ban. That was right in 1993, and while Shields no longer with us, there are always those who will pay any amount to repeat a failure.

It is time voter send ANTI-Party legislators, who kill a thousand people a month with gun laws, to be sent into retirement, and it is time for Congress to preempt State and local gun laws to prevent disgraceful exercises like this from happening again.


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2 Responses to Bloomberg’s “Assault Weapons Ban” Working In Washington State

  1. Howard A McClellan says:

    Assault Weapons Ban in Washington state what ban is that? i live in Washington state
    and i own three.

  2. Stranger says:

    The Bill is HB-2358, currently before the Legislature. The bill bans “assault weapons,” and standard capacity magazines, and is linked in the second paragraph of the post.

    If you live in Washington and want to keep your Sport Utility Rifles, talking sense to your legislator now will be a lot better than taking up money for a lawsuit after the bill is signed into law.


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