Bloody Chicago, 42 Days, 56 Murders

Despite having the sort of weather for most of this year that keeps the gang “hittas” inside, as of yesterday Chicago has racked less than record number of homicides.

What is surprising is how close the murder rate is to the record given the weather.

The ‘Burg has had at lest two self exiled gang members, I found out yesterday while trying to buy a week’s groceries for two inside the $140.00 budget.

A fellow I know came over to where I was trying to make out the labels on the soup cans in the near darkness, and introduced me to his cousin from Chicago, saying the cousin wanted to know ow the weather is at home.

“Near zero low, near 2 high, and probably warm up in about a month.: I told him,, “”And more snow than sunshine.”

That is the kind of weather the 12 to 15 year olds the gans use as killers prefer to stay home in – but the weather will warm up and the gangs will catch up soon.

After all, Chicago had a total gun ban, and it shows in the crime rates.


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