Bloody Baltimore, 170 Murders in 182 Days

The Baltimore Sun apparently has not updated its first half body count for 2017 as I post this, but the reported total of 170 homicides, virtually all murders is getting close to the murder a day rate – and a homicide rte as high as any Latin American Capitol except gun free Caracas.

Baltimore has an estimated population of just over 510,000, a 2015 violent crime rate of 1,320 per 100,000 population, and an even higher rate in 2017. The chart on the left shows what the combination of State and Federal gun laws did to Maryland’s violent crime rates, and when I have time I will dig out the FBI” Uniform Crime Reports and chart in more detail what gun control did to Baltimore. (click on the chart for a clearer view.)

As with the rest of the cities on the Alley’s watch list, Baltimore’s problem is an evil combination of unfavorable demographics and gun control.


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