“Bipartisan” means “Our Way Or Else”

Baltimore’s Curt Anderson, who made healines in June for demanding bipartisan action on Baltimore’s crime problem has been back in the news.

Anderson notoriously said Baltimore’s violence problem is so severe,it is like having a terror attack every day. If that is a bit of puffer y it is certainly close enough to the truth to pass inspection.

But Anderson and his cohorts remind me of a former neighbor’s child, severely allergic but addicted to chocolate. Every time he managed to slop away for a moment, he had a pocket full of chocolate, and hives. Doug’s family finally move to a very rural home, and home schooled the boy. Which got rid of the hives but not the problem.

Anderson is one of those who support “Gun Ban” Martin O’alley’s package of gun laws, the same package responsible for a high percentage of Baltimore’s misery index. The laws that have nearly doubled Baltimore’s murder rate. An din the Democrat’s lexicon, the cure for a disease is more of the same causative agent. And in that same lexicon, bipartisan means the Socialist way or no way.

Anderson’s party apparently believe that “punishing quiet John to frighten Mark into behaving himself” works. But here in the real world, all it does is enable Mark’s pattern of misbehavior.

In the Democrat’s playbook, punishing the law abiding many for the sins of the criminal few makes perfect sense. But here in the real world restricting the law abiding’s guns does nothing to keep guns out of the hands of the criminals, who steal guns instead of buying them.

Yes, Baltimore needs help. Big help. But there only two ways Baltimore’s violence problem will be brought under control. The first would be fro Maryland’s voters to vote every candidate with a [D] or [I] after their name out of office, replacing them with people willing to look at the facts and let them lead to a solution.

The second is for Congress to preempt Maryland’s gun laws, capping them at a leve of restriction below that which produces increases in violent crime.


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