Biden: Extreme ANTI “the course of moderation”

VP J. Robinette Biden has teken up the cudgels in support of the radical ANTI judge Obama has chosen for the Supreme Court, Merrick Garland.

Briefly quoting the CNS News report linked above:

“Merrick Garland, intellectually, is as capable as any justice. But he has a reputation for moderation,” the vice president said. “I think that’s the responsibility of the administration in a divided government.”

Whether Garland is a “moderate” depends on what you consider moderate to be. If voting for the statist and Socialist side of cases to come before him is “moderate” then Merrick Garland is a moderate.

But from this observers point of view, Nerrick Garland is only slightly less radical than Che Guevara. A person with such a point of view is, in my view, ufit for Justice court Judge in a free society.


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