Biden And The “Assault Weapons Ban Of 1994”

Here is the video clip of Biden’s attempt to “explain” why we need a ban on Sports Utility Rifles.

And, as I posted yesterday, the number of police officers killed with Sports Utility Rifles was much higher during the “assault weapons ban” than either before the “ban” or after it.

You can read the whole discussion, with links to the FBI data or just the conclusion, which I will post here:

The high years for the AK pattern Sport Utility Rifles were ban years, 1995 with 10, and 1999 and 2004 with 9 each. The high number for non-ban years has been 4. The total for the 10 ban years was 52, for a median number of 5.2 a year. The total for the non ban years was just 23, for a median number of 2.3 a year. A difference of 2.9 over ten years is a significant difference

The high year for the AR pattern Sport Utility Rifles was 8 in 1998, also a ban year. The number of police officers killed with AR pattern rifles for the 10 non ban years was 19, for an average of 1.9 police officer deaths a year. The total for the 10 ban years was 23, for an average of 2.3. Four tenths over ten years is barely outside normal statistical variation.

And the bottom line? Biden is wrong because Biden’s handlers are Democrats, and think no one would dare check them on the facts. And the fact is more police officers were killed per year with what the bigoted media calls “assault weapons” during the ban than either before or after the ban.


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