“Better Crime On Campus Than Guns”

the scientific name of our species is Homo Sapiens, varoiusly interpreted as “Man Wise,” “Human smart, and in other ways, some fuew highly uncomplimentray.

Supposedly, humans are supposed to use some extra brain cells many of us possess to make smarter choices than the “lower animals.” An asseveration I frequently have cause to doubt.

Topix reports one Wisconsin’s
State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers

It is a “free country” and Mr. Eveers is free to hold whatever opinions he wishes. However, Mr. Evers is also a public official, with an obligation to the millions of children he serves to reject positions that endanger those in his charge.

Here is what gun control did to Wisconsin’s violent crime rates:

Before the entertainment industry’s 1963 campaign to ban guns, violent incidents in Wisconsin’s schools were rare, almost universally “puppy love” inspired, and the incidence of firearms related violence ws as rare as an indigo fledged equine drawing a float in a homecoming parade.

As general crime rates soared as gun restrictions were implemented, so the the incidence of deadly violence on campuses. And all of that is public record, and in his position as Superintendent, it all should e somewhere in Mr. Evers office.

Mr. Evers is perfectly free to hold whatever opinion he likes. But as a person holding a responsible position, he does to have the privelege of holding false positions that result in danger to the cchildrenn whose education he supposedly supervises.

It appears it is definitely the time for a change in Madison.


NB: A The FBI data that form the bisis for the chart is here or the bound annual copies of the Uniform Crime Report may be on file at the local police headquarters or library. Post 1993 issues of the Uniform Crime Reports are online here.

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