Banners Shoot Holes In Their Own Argument

The Daily Caller reports The Trace, a gun ban webzine evidently sponsored by Bloomberg has managed to confirm what we have been saying for almost a half century, and shoot holes their own argument.

Essentially, The Trace reported on 23,000 stolen gun recovered over a period of years, and discovered the majority had been used to facilitate a violent crime. Exact;;u wjat tje sjpptomg cp, community has been saying since the fiction that virtually all criminals buy guns from dealers, newspaper ads, and the like.

The fiction that Bloomberg’s Everytown tangle of “independent” gun ban lobbies apparently will continue to trumpet.

Numerically, 23,000 stolen and traced guns should be directly linked to 15,600 00 stolen and trafficked guns and 7,600 guns stolen locally, either by the gun wielding cirminal or by underworld associates.

Guns recovered will have been used to facilitate ,pre than 46,500 gun related crimes, and to have “been along” as more than 200,000 serous felonies were committed.

Reflecting the relatively low “cleared by arrest rate” of gun crimes, the average time between a report a gun is stolen until police recover it varies, but generally runs between 12 and 16 years.

Once a criminal using a gun to facilitate his professional activities things a gun may be linked to either him or a particular crime, the usual action is to either discard the gun where it is unlikely to be found, in a river for example, or to trade with one of the many street corner gun dealers who infest every settled area.

Once the stolen gun “cools off” it will be sold to another criminal, or trafficked out of the area and sold to another criminal to facilitate more crimes.

And while the Trace and NBC still have not grasped the implications of their study, they have indeed blown a gaping hole in the middle of their argument that criminals buy guns from dealers or law abiding citizens.


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