Banners Protest Honest NRA As

I see a St. Petersburg media outlet reports Bloomberg’s are highly upset t at Dana Loesch’s NRA commercial.

Truth is hard to take at times, and evidently the reality of Mrs. Loesch’s commercial is beyond bearing to them. Which, I suppose, explains why I can post a link to and an excerpt from an FBI publication and get fifty more accusations of making that stuff up.


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2 Responses to Banners Protest Honest NRA As

  1. Rob Morse says:

    You’ve been quiet for a while. You’re missed.

  2. Stranger says:

    Thanks for the flowers, Bob. Actually we with nearly 35,999 posts adding more than 500 a month, our former hos moved us to a smaller server, which caused all sorts of problems. So we shifted digs, and I don’t have to [it am hour between posts.

    Check out the transition posts at I am homing to get those moved here when things solw up, and get al the “cost of gun control” series moved to Polite Society shortly.


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