Banners Demand Feds Help Enforce Kali’s Gun Laws

Breaking News reports gun control (ban) groups demand the ATF and other Federal agencies help enforce California’s gun control laws.

Briefly quoting the Breaking News report linked above:

But according to gun control advocates, that’s not enough. In fact, gun violence is such a problem in the Sunshine State that anti-gunners want the feds to step in.

“We have tightened our laws but we don’t have closed (states’) borders,” State Sen. Scott Wiener, D-San Francisco,

In other words, it is the same old deal. California once had an enviably low violent crime rate. Bobby Seale’s Black Panthers exercised their right to carry – and the right to carry was promptly eliminated. Crime rates rose, so more restrictive gun laws were installed,

The only way to get California’s crime rates back to where they were in 1960, 39 per 100,000 Californians,from 2015’s 426.3 per 100,000 is Federal preemption, along with a sufficient penalty to keep pro-crime activists from trying to ignore Federal law and enforce preempted laws, or evade the Federal law. For banners like Scott Wiener,that will that will take a penalty of at least $100,00 a day out of the offenders pocket,not the taxpayers.

But it must be done. Restrictive gun laws have caused an 1,100 percent increase in violent crime, and reversing those laws is the only way to bring the situation under control.

So yes, I agree with Scott Wiener. California and Californians need Federal help.

Help purging their books of the laws that are responsible for the situation, and purging the legislature of the lawmakers responsible for those abominations.

And if your lawmaker says “I don’t believe in telling someone in another State what sort of laws they should have,” you need another lawmaker. This is a very mobile country, and California criminals are likely in your town right now, peddling drugs, trafficking kids, plotting robberies, and raising your crime rate.


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