Banner Shannon Watts Urges Women To Run For Congress

I see Shannon Watts, wh roeportedly pulls down a fine salary peddling high crime rates for former New Yoork City mayor, and scofflaw, Michael Bloomberg’s gun control machine is urging women to run for Congress.

That is somewhat surprising since women are generally better at assessing support than that. After all, disregarding criminal on crimial crime, women are by far the most victimized American demographic. Between the high rate of store clerks murdered, robbery-rape victims killed, home invasion murders, and similar crimes, women and girls are the majority of crime victims. And Women are well aware of it.

While we could certainly use 45 more Joni Ernst’s to replace the ANTI-Party deadheads in the Senate, Watts evidently expects women are the sucker class who enjoy living in high crime venues.

While there are some in every crowd, women are generally more supportive of self defense, gun rights, and Constitutional Carry than men, particularly the progressive types that will follow any loud noise, and far more likely to actually look at the facts instead of dismiss them as the sort of agitprop Watts is paid to crank out.

Watts is reportedly from the next state in the Alley’s Look Waht Gun Control Has Done To” series, so whether she takes it or not, she will have the opportunity to learn something of the evil she is reportedly paid to support.


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