Background Checks For Voters?

Nitger Hibes reports background checks for voters was floated at a recent Trump Election Commission Meeting.

Given that a felony conviction, mental mental incompetence, and a few less common factors traditionally disqualify an individual from “exercising the franchise,” voting, and the total number of persons so disqualified is a bit more than seven million, the concept is superficially attractive.

Further, if voters were required to have background check a voter ID would could also serve as a gun permit. Something that would be quite convenient since one would not have to get permission from the state to buy a firearm. should be.

Unfortunately, the ANT-gun – and also anti-prosperity party, would quickly realize that such a program wipe out the disqualified voter scheme that has kept so many of their officials in office.

Getting such a program authorized would be a monumental task and keeping it effective would be even more difficult.

So, as interesting as the proposal is, it has little chance of implementation.


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