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Extranos Alley is a Collaborate effort to provide up to information on the relationship between restrictive gun laws and violent crime; as well as other related topics. While emphasis is on United States gun laws and crime, we also provide data on crime trends world wide.

“What Went Wrong In Florida?”

EllizabetT and “ASnon” are early risers. Both posted comments asking in effect “What went wrong in Florida.”” The truthful thing is everything. To start, the school had no security. Show up at the door with a gun it was a … Continue reading

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Anti Media Still Whining Instead Of Doing

Since 1963, and particularly since the passage of the “Gun Free Zone Act of 1990,” school shootings have become increasingly common. So common that we could change the labels on this chart and have a close approximation of how school … Continue reading

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Al Jazeera Reports On Florida Sccchool Shooting

The Al Hazeera headline speaks volumes: Florida shooting: No progress on gun control “Progress on gun control” would be taking those actions that have led to lower rates of violence, and reversing legislation that have led to higher rates of … Continue reading

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‘Why Are UFO Tapes Not Evidence?”

Oldfield asks why all the “ufo contact” videos and the “shiny dot halfway to Plluto” tapes are not cosiderd absolute proof of the visiting aliens. That is simple enough, exactly what are they proof of? I caan easily take some … Continue reading

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Which is More Dangerous, A Car Or A Gun?

looking over lists of mass murders for an upcoming post, I was struck by the number of multiple fatality vehicular homicides. Which brings up the natureal question of which is more powerful, a handgun, which has a typical muzzle energy … Continue reading

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Senator Sez Florida School Shooter Went Full Auto

The Daily Caller reports foaming at the mouth rabig gun hater and U.S. Senator from Florida Bill Nelson says School shooter Nikolas Cruz used a fully automatic assault rifle, an AR-15, during yesterday’s murderous attack. Of course, the AR-15 us … Continue reading

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Profile, Th Florida School Shooter Was…

UPDATE Steve Bartin’s Newsalert reports the FBI was notified about Nikloas Cruz’ desire to becoem a professional school shooter A final cry for help? [end] The profile garnered from various media reports indicate the young man, Ncklas Cruz is 19, … Continue reading


Because The Polls Are Rigged

FredRigel aks why it is so hard to get Congress to pass even gun control laws when the polls say….f To begin, a polling company is a business. Successful businesses make their customers happy or they do not have customers … Continue reading

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Sun Has Coronal Mass Ejection, Media Hysterical

First, a Coronal Mass Ejection is essentially a hiccup on he surface of the sun, and matter is ejected, at several multiples of our solar system’s escape velocity. Magnetic fields that accompany the CME can cause problems, up to and … Continue reading

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The Link Between Mass Murder And Gun Control

I have said, many times, without going into depth, that gun control is a major causative factor in mass murder. While we are spending time getting it right, here is the economist’s chart of mass murders in the US, starting … Continue reading

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