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A collaborative effort, Extranos Alley is primarily concerned with providing up to date data on the relationships between privately woned firearms and crime, violence, and politics. The site is maintained by nine volunteers who have given up their identity that the work here may be considered without regard to the individual data. The contributors are a diverse group, ranging from a retired physicist to a board certified psychologist.

Yes, The Supreme Court Refused To Hear 2A Cases

update The lying media strikes again. The Daily Caller reports Supreme Court Justices Thomas and Gorsich wanted to hear the California cases, but were outnumbered by those opposed. With that corrections, and the comment that a link is provided in … Continue reading

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Gun Control Bill Moving IN Rhode Island

U.S. News reports the Rhode Island House has approved a a gun control bill. This bill, a precursor to stronger confiscation measures, would confiscate the guns of those who have “domestic protective orders” against them. The major beneficiary will be … Continue reading

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Has Concealed Carry Been A Law Enforcement Problem?

Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Guns reappearance brings up the question of whether or not lawful concealed carry been a problem for law enforcement. If any State would have had a problem with Concealed Carry, it would be Arizona, first as a … Continue reading

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Mayors Against Guns Opposes CCW REciprocity

Bloomberg’s “Mayors against guns” group is back after almost five years of silence” opposing National Concealed Carry reciprocity. There is no surprise there, nor that scofflaw former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has chosen this time to pull that organization … Continue reading

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Noted: More Vote Fraud

A Federal court has sentenced a James Madison University student for registering dead people to vote. Briefly quoting the Daily Caller item linked above: Andrew J. Spiels worked for a Democrat-affiliated organization known as Harrisonburg Votes at the time he … Continue reading

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The Lesson Of Georgia 6

If any of the 2017 special elections that have a lesson or six for our community, it should be the last Tuesday’s runoff in the Sixth Congressional District of Georgia. For a little background, there are 435 Congressional Districts, and … Continue reading

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The Tipoff Gun Banners Are Working?

“Claude Eustace Teal” emails to ask what the tipoff in the crime statistics that gun control groups are working a State. Hmm. I wonder if Simon is tapping Claude Eustace T’s tum tum tonight. Whatever the case, the tipoff is … Continue reading

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Philandro Castile Family Gets 3M Settlement

Philandro Castile? Name not familiar? He was a Black guy, Minneapolis, had a girlfriend and a CCW. One day a cop said he resembled an armed robbery suspect, so he pulled him over. Here’s the dash cam: At abut the … Continue reading

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How Badly Do They Want Gun Control?

How Badly does the “Progressive Left” want gun control? According to some want gun control so badly they are willing to accept murder as a means of kickstarting the gun control debate. Click on over, and be shocked. The Alley … Continue reading

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No, “The Cost Of Gun Control” Was For The Choir

I did post the violent crime rates for the ANTI’s, so simply because the ANTI’s ahve been preached at about the evils of guns all their lives. With rare exceptions, their minds are made up, guns are bad, and that … Continue reading

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