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Extranos Alley is a Collaborate effort to provide up to information on the relationship between restrictive gun laws and violent crime; as well as other related topics. While emphasis is on United States gun laws and crime, we also provide data on crime trends world wide.

Louisianans, Call Your Legislators to Oppose Gun Bans Tpdau,

The NRA urges all Louisianans to call their State Legislator, U.S. Senator, or Member of the House of Representatives to oppose gun ban legislation. As I have posted in the past, the plot is to get a toe in the … Continue reading

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The Only Thing Proven Is Ignorance Of Science

Search engines are beginning to fill up the “gun control news” category, and this headline from the publication Quartz topped on list: The scientifically proven explanation for why better gun control really will stop school violence “Scientific proff” can be … Continue reading

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Illinois: County Votes Itself A Sanctuary County For Gun Owners

USAA Today reports Effingham County, Illinois has voted to become a sanctuary county ofr gun owners. Briefly quoting the USA Today item linked above: An Illinois county’s board voted to make itself a sanctuary for gun owners and to not … Continue reading

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Two Florida Deputies Murdered

FOX news reports another pair of Florida deputies were murdered by someone who walked past the restaurant where they were seated, and fired through the window at them. Reports are very sketchy at this time, but the county SO confirms … Continue reading

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FNHQ Puts A Fee To Read Paywall Up

Running down one of FNHQ’s “we are winning” gun ban agiprop I was confronted withg a “subscribe or pay a dollar to read tghis” popup. If tghere were any value to the content I might subscribe, but a buck for … Continue reading

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ANTI Media Pushing Student Walkout For Gun Ban

Since 5:00 PM EST I see the search engines have picked up a wave of media support of a school walkout for a ‘high school walkout for gun bans.” From all appearences the media, broadcast and print, have taken a … Continue reading

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What Is An Assault Weapon?

“Clear Point” asks for an official definition of an “assault weapons.” hee is no lexicographers definition of an assault weapon, simply because almost everything has been used as a weapon during an assaul. something that leaves the definition murky, to … Continue reading

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Colorado: Boulder Plans Sport Utility Rifle Ban

The rabidly anti-gun Denvre Post reports Boulder is plotting a ban on sport Utility Rifles, which they dub Assault weapons. As we know, SUR’s are built with many items such as stocks, barrels, and magazines to military standards of durability, … Continue reading

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New Jersey Senate Committee Rubber Stamps Gun Ban Bills

The NRA a New Jersey senate Committee has rubber stgamped a packge of gun ban and gun owner harassment legislation. Gun control has already cost the State dearly both in money, suffering, and in lives lost since the restrictions went … Continue reading

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Cut California Into Three States?

FIX News reports on the latest move to bring most of California back into the United Sttes. the thumbail is gthat the ultra-left coastal strip would become one state, most of California would become either Norther or Southern California, and … Continue reading

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