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Extranos Alley is a Collaborate effort to provide up to information on the relationship between restrictive gun laws and violent crime; as well as other related topics. While emphasis is on United States gun laws and crime, we also provide data on crime trends world wide.

Canada:: The Gun Ban Package Drops

The BBC reports Canada’s Tredeau regime has introduced a comprehensive gun control, actually a ban, package intp the Canadian Parliament. In the abstract, it could be worse. The end is clear enough, an end to Canadian’s right to choose their … Continue reading

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NPR: What Was The NRA’a Position Is All New!

NPRsolemnly reports the NRA is willing to discuss reports the NRA is showing neew openness to gun removval laws, when the include proper legal protection for the guns and gun owner. Apparently, it takes a long time for NPR to … Continue reading

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What Is The Current Gun Control Debate? Diverting Attention From Consequences

Checking the news to make sure this old world has not jumped its axle,, II tapped into a FOX segment featureing four people who seemeed unaware of the facts of life, or even of existence. Our current gun ban situation … Continue reading

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NRAA Slams Florida Speaker Over GUn Restrictions

I see the NRA has torn into the Speaker of the Florida House, a Republican, for one of the most poorly thought out packages of gun legislation in the last 50 years. The bills are shut-mouth, the sort of “You … Continue reading

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Gun Ban Advocates Close Minnesota Capitol

Twin reports the far left’s ‘Marcch For Our Lives gun ban march shut down the Minnesota Capitol down twice. Briefly quoting the Twin Cities report linked above: The group, led by Josh Groven of the School of Environmental Studies … Continue reading

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Poll shows for gun control in NYCC Area

Telegraphing Cuomo’s intent the New York Post reports a poll shows support for more gun controls. Of course, Since there are few legal gun sales in the City, the increase would largely affct uupstate counties where trafficked guns are the … Continue reading

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Democrat Advocating Violence

FOX News a Democrat has suggested using the Second Amendment against Trump. The English language very nearly endlessly expressive language. It is possible that some other meaning than my first take using the Second Amendment as a replacement for gun.. … Continue reading

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Gun Ban Lobby Poster Boy Has A New Ad

True Pundit passes on the latest ad from the Everytown network, featuring gun control evangelist David Hogg. The young man is a natural in the part and performs impressively well. Kudos for that. On the other hand, the language falls … Continue reading

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Andrew Cuomo Cooking Up More Gun Owner Grief

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Canada Report: Gun Control Bill Expected

Before the lights went out I had an item from yesterday reporting that the Tredeau regime is planning on introducing a comprehensive gun control package ready to introduce this week. Now that a heavy layer of black has been applied, … Continue reading

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