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A collaborative effort, Extranos Alley is primarily concerned with providing up to date data on the relationships between privately woned firearms and crime, violence, and politics. The site is maintained by nine volunteers who have given up their identity that the work here may be considered without regard to the individual data. The contributors are a diverse group, ranging from a retired physicist to a board certified psychologist.

Rep.Mo Brook (R-AL) Gets It Right – What About The Rest Of Us?

Huntsville, Alabama’s Mo Brooks, one of the elected representatives to come under fire when Rep Steve Scalese was shot, has the right idea: A victim able to fight back effectively is not much fun for someone like the person who … Continue reading

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Sacramento Bee Says We Are Buying Fewer Long Guns

The anti-gun SacramentoBee solemnly reports that we Americans have confidence in POTUS so we are buying fewer rifles and shotguns. That statement would be hard to justify, since the ATF “Firearms In Commerce 2017” has not been released, and the … Continue reading

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Dana Loesch States Her Concerns With WH Anti

Biz Page Review reports Dana Loesch, speaking for herself and not for the NRA has expressed real concern about the anti-gun activist the regime has chosen to be communications director. She is far from alone. Stranger

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“What Is The Total Medical Cost From Guns?”

Anonymous left a comment asking “total medical cost of guns.” I assume that is for criminal use, not including the rapidly diminishing number of firearms accidents, and firearms related suicides. Including those would involve too many uncertainties to give more … Continue reading

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Arctic Sea Ice: 7,335,000 Km2 Above Estimate,

Yesterday’s satellite pass found 7,335,000 square kilometers of Arctic sea ice, concidentally that is 7,334,000 Km2 more ice extent than Al Gore’s prediction of 0 sea ice in 2017. Running a mean on Arctic air temps reveals a 0.95C mean, … Continue reading

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America’s Gun Control Capitol: 6 More Dead, 35 Wounded Weekend

Chicago, the city with America’s most restrictive gun laws and murder and violent crime rates in accordance with that, added another 41 shot, with 6 fatalities over the weekend. It is not too often that I have to update a … Continue reading

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Noted: Gas Prices At Lowest Point In 12 Yewars

Breitbart reports gas prices are at their lowest point since 2005, While New York’s Senator Chuck E. Schumer says gas prices never go down. Chuck E. is not only wrong again, it has only been a little over two years … Continue reading

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How Much DOES Gun Control Cost?

Ab Ann Arbor URL aks “exactly how much does gun control cost?” Considering that every law restricting citizens ability to purchase, possess, and carry a defensive weapon has driven violent crime rates over the moon, that is a good question. … Continue reading

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“Common Sense” Mans Different Things To The Thoughtful and Thoughtless

Browsing the news I was struck by how many times “common sense” was used describe measures no informed person would support. My dad would be saddened, had he not died 65 years ago. Te item brought on this line of … Continue reading

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WH Banner Defends Taking Down Anti-Gun Tweets

Business Insider reports the regime’s new gun banner d is defending his decision to take down his anti-gun tweets. I suspect Minnesota Senator,Vice President,then Senator again Hubert Humphrey had his opinions in line with reality when he told a Minneapolis … Continue reading

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