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A collaborative effort, Extranos Alley is primarily concerned with providing up to date data on the relationships between privately woned firearms and crime, violence, and politics. The site is maintained by nine volunteers who have given up their identity that the work here may be considered without regard to the individual data. The contributors are a diverse group, ranging from a retired physicist to a board certified psychologist.

Is Gabby Giffords Angling For A Nobel Peace Prize?

for Arizona Gaabrelle Giffords-Kelly seems to angling for the same Nobel prize Obama recieved in 2009 as she spreads it on thick on the “benefits” of gun control. The One News Page report features Giffords husband claiming the U.S. has … Continue reading

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Record Drug Bust In the Rotten Apple

New York City’s WPIX reports the seizure of a record amount of fentanyl in Queens, enough of the drug to kill 32 million people. There are certain eternal truths in business, as in life. A few weeks ago a major … Continue reading

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19 September Hurricane Watch

UPDATE CNN says Hurricane Maria is now Category 5 storm. The National Hurricane Center says Cat 4, with maximum winds of 155, so I would go with the NWS. [end] There are three Atlantic basin systems this morning. Jose is … Continue reading

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Nevada, The Cost Of Gun Control

Our next State in this the “Cost of Gun Control” is Nevada, The silver State, home of the sidewinder, sand flea, and gambler. However, before we look at the results and costs of gun control, we have a few “fine … Continue reading

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The Full Text Of H.R. 467, The Hearing Protection Act O f2017

Here is the full text of Rep. Jeff Duncan’s H.R. 367, th The Hearing Protection Act of 2017. This is the bill that Bloomberg’s banners have vowed to fight to Bloomberg’s last dollar, which would remove the #200 transfer tax … Continue reading

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UK Old Age Pensioner 1: Burglar, a new Toe Tag

In a case that makes one wonder whether sanity has returned to England after almost a century of being absent without leave, the Telegraph reports on a case in which a 72 year old Old Age Pensioner shot dead a … Continue reading

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President Trump ant the U.N.

President Donald J. Trump gave his his first speech before the United Nations. Good speech. A friend of ours, U.. Ambassador Nikki Haley starts the proceedings at about the three minute point. The speech lasts about five minutes, and points … Continue reading

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RIP, Stanislav Petrov

Russia Today Stanislave Petrov passed away as obscurely as he lived, in 2010. Who was Stanislav Petrov? A Soviet Light Colonel. What Stansilave Petrov do that would justify notice? According to the RT item linked above, quite possibly stopped WWIII. … Continue reading

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18 September Hurricane Watch Update

Hurricane Maria is predicted to become a Category 5 hurricane as it sweeps across Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. The current forecast is for a northward turn and miss the U.S. but that is a forecast. ALL interests on … Continue reading

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Democrats Logic

Here is Senator Diceky Durbin (ANTI-IL) exposing his great wisdom on the critical subjects of the day, such as the lead storm that makes life in Chicago downright hazardous to one’s health. Biwm back in the 1950’s, when Chicago had … Continue reading

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