Australia: Silencing Anti Gun Control Speech

The Government of the Australian State of Queensland is apparently to give the badmouth to any Aussie who dares as much as recite Australia’s official crime statistics in public.

The NRA has the story of Australia’s 20 year old enforced confiscation of semi-automatic and slide action firearms, and ban on handguns.

The first city to report crime stats for 1999 was Perth, Western Australia, and about as far from the tropical shores of Queensland as you can get. When Perth reported a greater than 80 percent increase in violent crime in the first year of the ban, the government banned the release of crime statistics from any source except the Australian Government.

So now, Australian crime surveys peg the subcontinent as the second most violent country in the world, behind only the U.K. which has even more restrictive gun laws.

Where “heavily armed” Americans have a 3 percent chance of becoming the victim of some crime, and a 4/10ths of 1 percent chance of becoming the victim of a violent crime, an Aussie reportedly runs a 36 percent chance of becoming a crime victim and a 2 percent chance of becoming the victim of a violent crime.

And now anyone who criticizes the extreme Socialist dogma is to be demonized,, just like gun ban opponents here. Well, that is typical of totalitarian political parties that pretend to champion the working man while imposing ruinous taxes and eliminating the masses ability to suppress criminal predation.


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