As Expected, The Antarctic Ice Pack Has Calved A Large Berg

As I posted several days ago, the Antarctic sea ice pack was expected to calve a berg wit approximately twice the surface area of Rhode Island. Since that ice is floating, and subject to the forces of wind and tide, the calving was exxpected, and has now reportedly a reality.

The Antarctic is approximately 11 weeks from ice max, so there is plenty of time for the ice to be in large part replaced so there is no cause for excitement over what is a fairly common occurrence.

Up on the top end, Arctic sea ice came in at 8,620,000 square kilometers, and an equal amount above Al Gore’s prediction of 0 Arctic ice ever again. Severa of the ice tracking websites suggest tat ice melt may be slowing slightly, but that is probably just a temporary anomaly.

However, the Danish Center fr Ocean Ice shows the Arctic mean air temperature has not cracked normal eve once this year, and the warmest areas are those with heavy deposits of Asian soot and fly ash. So this is one of the things that try our patience.

There are several “cells” producing some very hot weather, but they seem to be abating. Otherwise, daily highs are hot enough but still seem 2 to 3 degrees C below the long term average. Still, the media is making as much about 92 as they used to make over a 102 prediction.

And finally, a tropical low is well out to sea past the leewards, but otherwise the Atlantic is said t6o be calm.


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2 Responses to As Expected, The Antarctic Ice Pack Has Calved A Large Berg

  1. Wu Chang says:

    Your readers may find this 2007 Townhall article interesting about how ‘climate change proponents’ fail to answer 10 questions

    10 Questions For Al Gore And The Global Warming Crowd

  2. Stranger says:

    Thanks, Wu Chjang. 2007 was the 20th year of the climate change bubble, and at the time the Townhall item was published about a dozen of us were discussing the situation on the old solarcycle24 formus. It seems strange that so much of what wwe wrangled about has accepted by almost everyone who does not have a political or profit motive.

    I will include the link in the next “climate” post, which should be posted Saturday, and thanks again.


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