As Expected, Banners Claim Elections Proof Of Support6

I see gun ban groups such as Bloomberg’s Everytown Against Guns claims the results of this week’s elections proves public support for gun bans.

Actually, the New Jersey results were a result of local issues. particularly property taxes. In essence, Murphy, an Obama adherent, promised legal marijuana within 100 days, soak the rich taxes, and the revenue from those measures to ease New Jersey’s crushing property tax burden. While much of that burden is caused by the crushing expense of gun control, New Jersey’s voters have not a clue, since the local media is universally complicit. Those promises got Murphy 56^ of the vote, while Chris Christie’s Lt. Gov got only 42%.

In Virginia, rabidly anti-gun Ralph Northam received just 53% fo the votes cast, with an estimated 18 percent of the voters reportedly federal employees terrified their jobs will be eliminated under Trump. That, and the the apparent presence of the Democratic vote fraud machine wone the election for Northam. But Ed Gillespie could have uplled that one out. The deciding fact was his passive response to barbaric Northam campaign tactics. Gillespie failed to respond when a vigorous assault on genuine barbarity appeared, saying there was nothing there, not worth discussing, etd..

Judged by his actions, Ed Gillespie flopped. And lost the election.

Next year, only 22 ANTI’s in Congress are not up for reelection. Amd 2-19 pffers pit best chance to send the ANTIO’s jo,e. protect our gun rights and bring crime rates down to the 1.0 per 100,000 murder rate and 60 per 100,000 violent crime rates we had before gun control.

Let’s not blow it. “The past is bucket of ashes, let the dead bury the dead” said Sandberg.

The 2017 elections are ashes, and we will live with the consequences for years to come. what we need now are pro-gun fighters to run for every office currentlyi occupied by a gun control nut.


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