Armed Robbery Under Color Of The “Law”

The Washington Post reports a posse of ICE agents seized a truck because a lawful gun owner failed to pick up five cartridges in a magazine.

Briefly quoting the Washington Post report linked above:

From the date of the confiscation, which without proof of some illegal act amounts to armed robbery, occurred under the Obmaa regime, and the victim is now suing to recover what is left of his truck. Why? Because it is virtually certain someone has been driving that nice looking truck, and there is no way of estimating the wear and tear to the vehicle.

Taking a considerable leap of faith and assuming the WaPo item is somewhat true, I would sue the government for the value of the truck when stolen and ask the court to direct Congress to appropriate gimfd to replace the tuck, pay Sr. Serrano’s attorney’s fees, and pay Sr. Serrano for inconvenience.

Because neither carrying a forgotten magazine nor driving while Hispanic are illegal en low Estados Unidos.


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2 Responses to Armed Robbery Under Color Of The “Law”

  1. BobTrent says:

    None of the elitists’ plotting to reduce humanity to submissive slaves would be possible without the mindless robokopz willing to herd their fellow riff-raff (the unwashed masses).
    Their reward once their duties are done, like the traitor Jews who helped the Nazi SS/Gestapo round up their fellow Jews, will be to be the last ones packed into the cattle cars.
    The elitists have, through the mouth of their front-man Ted Turner, declared their intent to reduce the human population by 95% and to stabilize the population at below 500 million. This will be enough to serve the 300 families who own the planet. To tend the gardens, maintain the palaces, serve their food and drink.

  2. Stranger says:

    Yes, and one of the self styled elites wants to cut the total human population to less than one billion, immediately, and does not care how he does it.

    As a group, I distrust those who think they know more than the next guy. Some do, but they have made an extensive study of a subject where most of the elites know about as much as the next cockroach.


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