Arlen Specter Dies,

Former Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter has died. Specter was for the most part pro-gun; although at the end of his Senate career he did several things that were out of the character he had established throughout his life. His investigation into Ruby Ridge did something unusual. It led to some minor changes for the better in Federal law enforcement.

Here is Senator Specter winding up the Ruby Ridge hearings, beginning with then FBI Director Louis Freeh reading a prepared statement. The real point of interest here would have come at the end of the day, omitted here, when Weaver’s neighbors and friends testified. Their words fully deserve to be remembered; and to be engraved in stone, in perpetuity. Americans did not fight and die to promote and protect abuses of power such as this.

For those who have the time, the full Ruby Ridge hearings are now available on line, starting with the first day of Spector’s Senate hearings on Ruby Ridge.

Those hearings, carefully followed, will answer many of the questions surrounding Ruby Ridge. In particular, the death of Deputy U.S. Marshal William Degan, who was killed by a bullet that entered at his breastbone, passed under his heart, and left a small exit wound under his left armpit. A bullet allegedly fired by a 30/06 loaded with expanding bullets!


Links? Sure enough, this is one of the more accurate press reports of the events covered by the hearings linked above.

I have a couple of trivial quibbles, but the reporting is amazingly accurate.


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