Arizona Already leads The Way In sensible Gun laws

Bing reports one Daniel Hernandez says Arizona can lead the way in sensible gun control laws.

Thee is no link because the article is on a site that appears to be subscriber only.

However, a “sensible gun law” would be one that has a history of reducing crime, making people safer, or has reduced the incidence of politically motivated assassinations. the laws advocated by the gun ban lobby, to which Daniel Hernandez appears to belong, does not advocate sensible gun laws such as cracking down on the gun traffickers who provide weapons to more than 90 percent of perpetrators.

Taking all factors into account, Arizona has done the best in can with the tools it has. Arizona became a “Constitutional Carry” state in 2010, and the results hae been outstanding considering the massive amount of crime generated by criminal illegals crossing the border one jump ahead of Los Rurales, the violence engendered by the human trafficking trade, the number of trafficking victims, drug mules, and others murdered in the desert whose bodies are left to rot, and other problems.

here are the result of Arizona’s sensible constitutional Carry bill:

If “flat” is not satisfactory, remember that the same conditions that have held Arizona’s crime rates up:

The massive number of stolen guns headed to Mexico:

the increasing number of trafficked women and children murdered as an example to other captives:

The huge amounts of “recreationl drugs” such as meth and heroin coming in, and the bloody competition for disribution among the Cartels,

And of course, the sheer volume of violent individuals here illegally, criminals at home plying their trade in Arizona.

Just holding the homicide and violent crime rates in the face of the rising tide of criminal activity and the gun control propaganda that has driven up the United States crime rates is a notable achievement considering just how think that thin blue line is – the endless square miles of open land that must be patrolled, and the pressures to raise the crime rates.


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